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China Tech Express: New Report on Kuaishou Male Users

Welcome to the latest edition of China Tech Express! Today we’re going to talk about a new report focused on Kuaishou’s male user base. We’ll also talk about a QuestMobile report detailing the latest KOL trends in China, and we’ll see what the top buzzword on Bilibili is. Sounds interesting? Read on!

1. New report detailing Kuaishou’s male user base

Chinese data research company Cili has just released a new report that looks at the male user base on Kuaishou. The report contains a lot of data on this segment, let’s take a look at some of the most interesting points from the report:

1. The male user base on Kuaishou has grown steadily in 2021

Left: the total number of male users. Right: the total number of paying male users

2. The paying male consumers born in the 80s showed the fastest growth levels

Left: male users born in the 80s (yellow), 90s (blue), 70s (gray). Right: paying male user segments – growth levels: 80s (+24.6%), 90s (+11.5%), 70s (+22.1%)

3. Top 3 product types bought by male users on Kuaishou

Top 3 categories: clothes & shoes, food, jewelry & watches

4. Male paying users are more engaged than all other users on Kuaishou

98.8% more views, 46.9% more likes, 70.1% more comments, 81.7% more shares

With Kuaishou being one of China’s biggest short-form video platforms, this data should be quite helpful for advertisers looking to launch in China. You can find the full report on 36kr.com (Chinese).

2. QuestMobile Releases 2021 KOL Trends Report

We know the importance of KOL marketing in China, which is why we found this report to be very interesting. The report released by data intelligence company QuestMobile shows the scale of the KOL ecosystem in China, which is unlike anything else in the world, both in terms of scale and opportunities. Let’s take a look at some key findings from this report:

  1. Cross-platform KOLs are huge, Douyin & Kuaishou are the top 2 preferred platforms
  2. Douyin & Kuaishou accounted for 46.5% and 59.4% of KOLs with over 1 million active users
  3. Weibo & WeChat account for KOLs with less than 500,000 active users
  4. KOLs on Weibo & RED tend to attract more female users compared to other platforms
  5. Bilibili tends to attract more young users, while WeChat tends to attract users aged 36+
  6. Kuaishou & WeChat are more popular in lower-tier cities

These insights can be very useful when planning KOL marketing campaigns in China, as they can provide global advertisers with data that can help them better choose the platforms best suited for their goals. You can find the full report on QuestMobile (Chinese).

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3. What is Bilibili’s most popular bullet comment?

Bilibili has just released data around its popular bullet comments in 2021 and the winner is “po fang le”, which, translated literally means “this broke my defenses”. In terms of usage, this term has mainly been used to describe something that was unexpectedly touching or emotional. 

For example, things like being moved to tears by a movie quote, feeling emotionally vulnerable after watching a sad video, feeling inspired by a popular athlete – these can all be described as “po fang le”.

If you’re wondering why this is important, we have one word for you: localization. Understanding the latest trends is crucial to successful campaigns in China, so keeping up with the popular terms from China’s online world can provide global advertisers with a significant advantage when running their campaigns in this market.

You can read more about Bilibili’s most popular bullet comment on ChinaDaily (Chinese).

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