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Webinar Recap: Kwai & Nativex Discuss Short-form Video

On our latest webinar, Nativex spoke to Kwai for Business on how to acquire and activate new users across Kwai’s app products such as the short-form video app, SnackVideo. We dove into everything you’ll need to achieve success in the emerging markets of Latin America and Indonesia, some of the innovative ad formats provided, and cases to give you a head start on your campaign setup. 

In case you missed it, the full video recording is available on the Nativex YouTube channel

SnackVideo is marketed directly to Southeast Asia and has seen massive growth in recent years. As with many short-form video apps, users show an affinity to shopping-related video content and thus is a good advertising avenue for D2C brands. In addition to this, gaming has a major presence on the platform with gaming influencers being a driving force behind sales revenue. 

Advertising with Kwai

Kwai’s Performance Ads are similar to that of TikTok as they aim to convert users and ad campaigns are optimized towards a specific conversion metric – whether it be installs, registration, add to cart, etc. 

In-feed ads come standard just as you would be used to in other social apps. In-feed ads utilize elements and layouts that are best suited to your vertical, with particularly strong formats for eCommerce and gaming. 

Branding has been very successful for Kwai and SnackVideo with brand ads such as their proprietary Eyemax format. Eyemax is a 5-second full-screen video viewed by all users upon opening the app. Eyemax is a fantastic way to showcase your brand and has proved to provide a boost to brand awareness. These Eyemax video ads should be very engaging as it gives you a very unique opportunity to capture audience attention at scale. Eyemax has been particularly popular with FMCG, electronics, and sports. 

Below are some benchmarks we’ve with advertisers on Kwai Advertising. Overall, CPI and CPM are very low compared to competitors with a great 3-second watch rate for gaming and eCommerce.

New marketers can take advantage of free ad credit 

In partnership with Kwai, Nativex is providing $500 free ad credit for new advertisers on the platform. In addition to this, Kwai is also providing new advertisers with an 80% rebate on daily spend of over $500, a 60% rebate on daily spend over $1,000, and a 100% rebate on daily spend over $2,000. For more information or to claim this offer, please get in touch!

How Kwai differs from TikTok

While TikTok runs on loop and videos are presented in feed and scrollable, Kwai’s UI is more akin to YouTube where users scroll for videos they may find appealing before clicking on it. It is in this sense that your advertising strategy will also change from focusing heavily on an attractive cover photo/thumbnail.

In terms of traffic distribution, Kwai has a solid user base in emerging markets such as Southeast Asia and in the case of SnackVideo, a large Brazilian userbase. It’s here where marketers looking for diversification can find new users that might not be present on competitors such as Instagram or TikTok. 

Contact the Nativex team today to learn more about our end-to-end marketing solutions in China and across the globe.

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