As a global digital marketing agency, we deeply understand user preferences and provide access to various global top media platforms and channels to help you reach your target audience. Nativex improves the efficiency of your business’ overseas media buying experience, ad creative management, and boosts your growth beyond borders.

Scale your business and drive growth through a one-stop advertising solution

Global Media Strategy

  • Partnerships with the top media platforms, including TikTok For Business, Kwai for Business, Meta, and Google.

  • Covers various traffic sources from programmatic ads to app stores.

Global Ad Creatives

TopWorks Creative Studios is a global creative network that empowers advertisers with localized creatives such as UE4, live-action, TVC, and more.

XMP - Intelligent Advertising Tool

XMP allows you to run campaigns across top global media channels and programmatic ad platforms, manage your entire campaign and gain comprehensive data insights.

Global Influencer Marketing

Backed by a global network of KOLs and media platforms, we can help you reach and convert your target audience with ease.

Global Media Partners

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Programmatic Ad Partner

Programmatic Ad Partner

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achieve growth globally

Infinity Kingdom

SLG Games

Nativex recently helped Yoozoo boost downloads and grow its game, Infinity Kingdom, in Japan through creative and innovative KOL marketing. Through this, the campaign increased installs by 20% while also increasing brand exposure by 12% above expectations.

# TikTok Splash Ads # KOL Marketing # Creatives # Targeted Ad Exposure


Organic installs increased


Brand exposure exceeded forecast

Shop Titans

SRPG Games

With Nativex’s help, Kabam’s RPG game Shop Titans launched a campaign on TikTok that utilized the Hashtag Challenge, creative stickers, local KOLs, and TikTok ad campaigns to drive traffic and ROI.

# KOL Services # TikTok Hashtag Challenge # TikTok Topview # High Engagement


Video views


UGC video engagements


UGC videos created

Dragon Storm Fantasy


We helped GOAT Games promote their latest MMORPG game, Dragon Storm Fantasy, in Turkey by launching a TikTok Hashtag Challenge, generating over 1.3 billion video views within six days. With Nativex, the game saw more than 300,000 users participate in the challenge and garnered over 1 million user-generated videos.

# TikTok Hashtag Challenge # TikTok Topview # In-feed Ads # Creative Sticker Interaction

1.3 Billion+

Video views


Users in the challenge


UGC videos created

Reign of Dragon

SRPG Games

Nativex developed a cross-channel advertising strategy that included Facebook, Google, and KOLs to help the RPG mobile game "Reign of Dragon" enter the Thai market, with CPIs 30% lower than expected.

# Facebook Ads # Google Ads # KOL Marketing # High Engagement


CPI lowered



Dynasty Warriors: Overlords

ARPG Games

With the help of XMP, a one-stop cross-channel intelligent advertising platform, CMGE has found a way to refine its traffic buying approach and integrate multiple data points. Now, CMGE can deliver ads more efficiently and quickly gain data insights to inform creative optimization.

# Intelligent Advertising Tool # Optimized Operations

Love from yours

Skincare brand

Nativex developed a cost-effective influencer marketing strategy to help the Swiss-based beauty and skincare brand “Yours” expand its global presence and enter the US market.

# Mid-size influencers # Viral Content

3.3 Million+

Video views




CPM lowered

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