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Nativex Cares: dealing with COVID-19 pandemic

Businesses all over the globe are feeling the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. People around the world are worried about their health and their country’s economic stability, and for good reason. With many countries on various lockdown levels, the coronavirus pandemic has put a strain on jobs in such sectors as travel, tourism and restaurants, while other areas like ecommerce, delivery, and connectivity saw a surge in demand. 

Needless to say, nobody was prepared for such a dramatic change in usage and behavior at first, but things are slowly changing. At Nativex, we did our best to adapt to these changes as quickly as possible, while ensuring the safety of our colleagues across all 16 offices around the world. So what did we do in these past few months to tackle the COVID-19 issue?

We adapted our operations to be WFH compatible

With 16 offices around the world, we are used to working and collaborating remotely so we were fortunate enough to quickly adapt. In fact, back in early April, Nativex Managing Director Irene Yang was featured on The Business Times where she talked about how we prepared for a large-scale work-from-home shift.

Our day-to-day operations remained stable during this adjustment period and as a result, our partners’ marketing campaigns were not affected. If anything, the Nativex Pets™ saw an improvement in the amount of time spent with their humans.

Nativex pets

Working from home has its advantages.

We offered increased API customization to suit your needs

It was clear to us that we had to adapt our solutions to match our partners’ more urgent needs for data. We knew we had to provide you with the data you needed, when you needed it, and in the format you needed, without the hassle of going through different data silos and putting your campaign results at risk.

To make sure we adapted to our partners’ needs, we opened access to the Nativex Trading Desk. We also worked on creating custom API reporting functionality to make sure it’s business as usual for our partners.

nativex trading desk comparison

The Nativex Trading Desk: our answer to the market’s increased complexity

We offered free masks to our clients around the world

As the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic intensified and social distancing became an important tool in fighting the virus, the shortage of basic medical equipment became a global issue. Regular activities like going outside and buying food became extremely risky, especially without protective face masks.

This is when we launched the Nativex Cares initiative. To help our partners all over the world deal with the pandemic, we started shipping packages containing free medical masks. It might not be much, but it’s our way to show support and help out however we can. You can contact us at wecare@global.nativex.com if you have any questions or comments about this initiative.

Nativex Cares

Because we care.

Stay safe, stay healthy

We are living in some very challenging times and how we deal with these difficult situations is what defines us. Our amazing teams across all 16 offices have shown incredible dedication and flexibility to ensure minimal disruption to our services and we are extremely grateful for their hard work. To our amazing partners: thank you for your continued support and dedication, we appreciate your patience. 

We are no health experts but we strongly encourage everyone to follow the advice of the World Health Organisation and your health care officials.

Together we are stronger. Stay safe everyone!

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