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Introducing Nativex Tech Talk: Bite-Sized Videos About the Chinese Mobile Ecosystem

Love learning about the Chinese mobile ecosystem but hate reading long articles? Then we might have an alternative for you. We’ve just launched a new project that we call Nativex Tech Talk. What is this, you may ask? Nativex Tech Talk is essentially a series of short clips that can deliver some insights into China’s mobile market and help brands and advertisers make informed marketing decisions.

Today, we’ve got 7 bite-sized clips for you to enjoy. We started with some common questions or topics that we’ve heard are quite important to our partners. If you’d like one of your questions to be answered in a future edition of Nativex Tech Talk, simply drop us a line – make sure you mention it’s for Nativex Tech Talk and we’ll do the rest. Enough chit chat, enjoy the clips!

1. How Big is the Chinese New Year?

We had a quick chat with Nativex EMEA Head of Sales Ilya Gitlin to find out more about how big this event is and what it means for global advertisers.

2. Chinese New Year Advertising Opportunities

Since the Chinese New Year is a massive event for global advertisers, we asked Ilya what they can do to increase their reach and which verticals are seeing growth during this period.

3. The Mobile Subscription Market in China

What’s the subscription-based app ecosystem like in China and how should advertisers adjust their strategies compared to find success? Let’s find out.

4. The Android Ecosystem in China

The Android ecosystem in China is radically different from the west, with literally hundreds of Android stores available. Here’s some quick advice on how to prepare to launch on Android in China.

5. China’s Top Media Platforms

To brands and advertisers wanting to enter China: which top media platforms should you include in your marketing mix? Let’s see if we have the answer!

6. China’s Best (But Less Famous) Media Platforms

You’ve probably heard of WeChat, Baidu, or Douyin and you might have them in your marketing mix already. But what are some less famous media platforms in China that provide great ROI to global advertisers?

7. The Biggest Events in China You Shouldn’t Miss

What are the next big events in China that advertisers should be aware of when planning their next campaigns? We got a small list of events you shouldn’t miss, check it out in the clip below!

Enjoyed the clips and want the whole playlist? No problem:

Nativex Tech Talk – YouTube playlist

Looking to launch your campaigns in China?

China’s massive mobile market provides some incredible opportunities for advertisers around the world. All you need is the right partner – and we believe we can be that partner. At Nativex, our cross-cultural team has an unparalleled understanding of the Chinese mobile market – we are the team behind the XploreChina solution.

We are an authorized ad service provider for major media outlets including Bytedance (Douyin, Toutiao), Baidu, Tencent (WeChat), Bilibili, Zhihu, and more. If you’re looking to get your advertising campaigns into the world’s largest mobile market, get in touch with the Nativex team today and we’ll take your marketing ROI to the next level.

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