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Mobvista and Nativex: Why We Have Rebranded

Mobvista started as a mobile advertising platform which is helping Chinese products and innovations to the global markets. Since then we have launched Mintegral, a fast-growing mobile programmatic advertising platform, and have diversified into other areas of the mobile ecosystem, including game analytics and technology services based on global infrastructure. 

Now, a little more than a year since Mobvista went public, we are starting our next journey. Today I am proud to share our renewed mission – “to power global commercial growth in the digital age”. 

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From today, many of our customers will see a new face for Mobvista, as we unveil our new visual identity and website. Going forward, Nativex will become our worldwide customer-facing brand, while Mobvista will continue as a corporate ‘master brand’. 

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A renewed Nativex

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By expanding the Nativex brand to become our primary identity while keeping the technology focus within Mobvista, we can better align our technology to our clients’ needs.

If we are to help advertisers navigate the increasing sophistication of online and in-app ads, then we must talk about the need for a completely integrated view of ad campaigns. Our experience of media landscape gives us unique insights into how to work with many different media platforms – many of them siloed from one another. Our expertise in the Chinese market continues to be our greatest strength, and the most important service we offer to our global customer base.

Besides, as digital advertising has grown to become more than half of global ad spend, our personal data has become a valued asset, with a handful of companies reaching into the lives of billions of consumers. Advertisers rightly want to understand the impact and effectiveness of their ad spend with these platforms, but face the challenge of data being siloed or held inside walled gardens.The result is they need a way to integrate data across multiple channels, devices and online platforms that are transparent and agnostic.

The new Nativex is better aligned to these core needs of our clients – whatever the scale, complexity or geographic scope of their campaigns.

Going forward, Nativex will offer advertisers and marketers a unified set of global marketing solutions built around the Nativex Trading Desk, our new cloud-based platform that’s connected to every major media platform via marketing APIs as well as open RTB technologies. 

The Nativex Trading Desk offers a brand new managed service that we believe better serves global mobile advertisers and provides the best solution to create strong, sustainable growth. Crucially, it will be the first integrated platform to give advertisers universal access to digital channels across China and the rest of the world.

nativex trading desk

Mintegral and GameAnalytics

Although it is Nativex which will be the new face of Mobvista, our other brands – Mintegral and GameAnalytics – continue to be cornerstones of our business and our global growth. 

Mintegral has successfully positioned itself as a significant platform in the ad tech industry by offering innovative features and in-market insights. By the end of  2019 the platform was processing more than 40 billion ad requests and serving 4.5 billion ad impressions every day. 

Since acquiring GameAnalytics in 2016, the number of daily active users (DAU) playing games using its SDK has increased from 25 million to more than 140 million, while the number of developers and publishers using the platform has tripled. GameAnalytics’ latest insights tool, Benchmarks+, has already become a reference point for the most up to date retention and engagement data. 

The Nativex and Mintegral sub-brands will lead the mobile advertising business, and GameAnalytics will focus on its game analysis efforts. In this way we can offer a complete ecosystem of tools and technologies to support our customers from user acquisition, monetization and data analytics to cloud architecture and cost optimization. 

Mobvista Tooling Ecosystem

Positioning Mobvista for the future

Building the right synergies between our technologies is essential if we are to deliver our vision of the future of the ad industry. As Mobvista grew through acquisitions and our IPO, we had to address the issue of internal complexities and how to best support and enable each of our brands and their technologies – at the same time as reacting to the needs of our customers. 

We have combined our deep knowledge of the Chinese market, our technology ecosystem and our mission to give our customers greater transparency to forge a brand identity that is easy to understand, with a purpose that is shared by staff and customers, and which sets the foundation for our future. After all, the purpose of any rebrand is to better align a company and its products to their needs. 

I believe that the new Nativex represents the future of our industry. By bringing together data from ad networks, affiliate networks, social media platforms and internet companies we can provide a clear and transparent way for advertisers to understand the impact and value of their advertising spend. 

Today’s rebrand and realignment is the beginning of an exciting new journey. I’m looking forward to working alongside many of you who are reading this to make it a success.