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Marketing on WeChat, China’s Most Powerful Super App [Free eBook]

The latest edition to the Nativex Ebooks section is none other than the most powerful super app in China – we’re talking, of course, about WeChat. Our newest ebook, called “Marketing on WeChat, the All-In-One Super App”, takes a deep dive into just how big WeChat is, how important it is to everyday life in China, and how brands and marketers can use its wide range of features and functionalities to reach their ideal audiences. Sounds interesting? Then read on!

What is WeChat?

What started as a messenger app back in 2010, quickly gained popularity and grew into the first and most powerful “super app” in China. “Super app “ is a term basically invented for WeChat, which introduced a feature that spawned a new range of apps: mini programs, or apps that run within the WeChat app. There are over 1 million mini programs available for WeChat, by the way.

WeChat may have started as a messaging app, but it’s become so much more. It’s become an everyday essential to most Chinese netizens, allowing them to do things like messaging, social, payments, transportation, shopping, gaming, internet search, and the list goes on. Whatever you need to do, there’s a mini-program for it, and it’s on WeChat, basically.

WeChat ebook Nativex

Check out our latest ebook where we take a look at China’s number 1 super app, WeChat, and how to leverage it successfully across your campaigns.


Facts & stats about WeChat

When words seem tricky, we let the numbers do the talking. With over 1 billion monthly active users, WeChat is by far the most popular super app in China. Let’s put it this way: over 80% of China’s population is on WeChat. Looking at WeChat mini programs, they managed to hit over 820 million MAUs in 2020, just to get an understanding of the sheer scale of adoption.

Not only is WeChat the most popular app, but it is also the most frequently used app in the country, way ahead of anything else, including titans like Douyin, Toutiao, or Kuaishou. We’ve got plenty more stats like age, gender, city tier, mini-program categories, and more in our WeChat ebook.

Advertising on WeChat

When it comes to launching campaigns on WeChat, the first thing you need to do is have a clear set of objectives and pick the right ad formats for the job. Your objective could be to promote your brand, get sales leads, advertise your app, and more – there are 8 main campaign objectives that WeChat can help you achieve, all included in our ebook.

In terms of ad formats, there are three main places in the WeChat app where your ads can be shown:

  1. The “Moments” section
  2. WeChat official accounts
  3. Mini programs

Also, depending on which location they’re placed, ad formats can be static, regular video, incentive video, and more. You can find the full ad format breakdown, along with detailed pricing models and plans, in our ebook.

What else is in the WeChat ebook?

Our ebook has a lot of information designed to help brands and marketers make the best out of WeChat, but here’s a quick look at what you can expect to find inside:

  • A complete breakdown of WeChat’s core features and functionalities
  • The latest facts & stats about WeChat users and how to leverage this data
  • WeChat’s marketing features and pricing for different ad formats
  • What is Tencent Ads and why you need it

Download our free e-book and take your marketing campaigns to the next level with China’s No.1 super app:

Free Ebook: Marketing on WeChat, the All-In-One Super App

Looking for more free ebooks? Then make sure to check the Nativex Ebooks section for more in-depth, quality content designed to help your marketing strategies generate visible returns.

WeChat ebook Nativex

Check out our latest ebook where we take a look at China’s number 1 super app, WeChat, and how to leverage it successfully across your campaigns.


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