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How to Successfully Market Food & Beverage on Xiaohongshu?

Why You Should Consider Xiaohongshu to Market Food & Beverage?

Xiaohongshu is now the go-to platform for many users to explore dining options. Once users develop an interest in certain food or dining places, their purchase intent will rise by about 75%. In addition, 81% of these users are willing to share their experiences within the Xiaohongshu community, forming a word-of-mouth cycle.

According to the March Food and Beverage Industry Report, the demand for food and beverage-related content on Xiaohongshu is rising, with searches and viewership increasing by 37% and 21% YoY respectively. Let’s look at the reasons behind this trend, and why the platform is a great place to market food and drink-related content. But first, who is looking for such content?

Who is Interested in Food & Beverage on Xiaohongshu?

Females are the primary users who search for food and beverage-related keywords. Students aged between 19 and 22, and working professionals aged between 26 and 30 are also active in this search. These users can be categorized into five groups:

  1. Snack Lovers: These snack lovers are mostly students who favor unique and easy-to-carry snacks. They enjoy exploring and trying out novel foods, especially regional snacks, and those that are flavorful and visually appealing.

  2. Busy Professionals: These working professionals are time-strapped and pay attention to healthy eating. They seek nutritional balance, while also interested in foods that offer a novel sensory experience. Due to their occupied schedule, these individuals prefer snacks that are healthy and easy to carry, like energy bars, nuts, and yogurts. In addition, they frequently look up quick cooking tips and simple recipes that allow them to enjoy food without a long preparation time.

  3. Health-Conscious Eaters: These users are highly aware of nutritional balance; they prefer natural, organic foods and follow a healthy eating lifestyle. They are keen to learn about the nutritional benefits of different foods, and prefer low-fat, low-sugar, and high-fiber meals. They also pay attention to supplements such as vitamins and protein to meet their health needs.

  4. Culinary Explorers: These users are always curious and eager to experience new and innovative culinary delights. They prefer foods that are “special” with unique flavors, and they actively seek out authentic local foods and enjoy sharing their gourmet adventures.

  5. Baking Enthusiasts: These individuals are passionate about baking. They enjoy the process of making baked goods, and pay close attention to using high-quality ingredients as well as baking techniques. They love to try different “formulas” and invent new recipes, after which they share insights with other bakers.

What Are the Top Search Keywords in Food & Beverage?

Popular search terms cover a variety of topics like homemade dishes, diet meal plans, breakfast, and coffee. The ranking of the top searched keywords fluctuates frequently due to ongoing promotions, such as seasonal menu offerings and new restaurant openings. In general, the platform sees the most searches for recipes, including baked goods, pastries, and meal prep, as well as different cuisines like hot pot, barbecue, hamburgers, and pizza.

Best Practice for Food & Beverage Notes on Xiaohongshu

Cooking Tutorial

Cover: Display the finished dish, key ingredients, or a snapshot of the recipe.

Title: Name the dish directly, list the essential ingredients, or specify the occasion (i.e., for gatherings or solo dining).

Copy: The copy typically involves detailed instructions, or a KOL introducing specific steps in preparing the dish. Sometimes, including trending topics in the copy can also attract more views, such as diet meal plans or viral (internet-famous) drinks on social media.

Exploring Eateries

Cover: A close-up shot of the dish, a photo of the storefront, or featuring the KOL enjoying the food.

Title: Use exaggerated phrases to grab attention.

Copy: Use words or images to provide detailed information about the food or the restaurant, showcasing its appealing aspects and highlighting its unique features to spark interest and stimulate discussions among consumers. Additionally, consider collaborating with KOLs to explore eateries and let them share experiences, which can add credibility and foster greater engagement.

Seasonal Food Guide

Cover: Display seasonal ingredients or offerings.

Title: Highlight unique ingredients of the season and use catchy phrases to grab attention.

Copy: Introduce seasonal items from various restaurants or cafes and describe their taste to entice viewers to make purchases. You can also provide educational information on seasonal ingredients and share cooking tips to help them better understand the flavors and create delicious seasonal dishes at home.

In addition to the topics mentioned above, notes related to food and beverage topics come in many other popular formats as well. For example, food vlogs that record the daily meal prep routine, transformation stories that tell the blogger’s successful weight loss journeys, and video skits like hashtag challenges that invite viewers to explore “unconventional” food generate high click-through rates.

When deciding how and what to post, businesses need to consider their own offerings and then select the most suitable note format for promotion.

Market on Xiaohongshu with Nativex

Businesses need to be aware that the review standards for food and beverage products on Xiaohongshu are stringent. It is essential to comply with the Food Safety Law as well as relevant platform regulations.

If you are uncertain, have questions, or wish to learn how to market your food and beverage products compliantly while making your campaigns appealing, reach out to us today.

As an official Xiaohongshu Cross-Border Marketing Agency, Nativex specializes in media strategy, creative production, ad campaign management, social media optimization, and influencer marketing. We can provide solutions that resonate with Xiaohongshu’s unique user base, ensuring your campaign has a meaningful impact.

If you’re looking to gain a more comprehensive understanding of Xiaohongshu, don’t miss our guide, ‘What is Xiaohongshu?‘ to learn about this thriving social platform and the opportunities it offers.

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