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Winning the Year-End Holiday Season: Marketing Strategies to Engage Your Consumers

The final quarter, or the most wonderful time of the year, is also the busiest sales season, with Black Friday, November 11 (Singles’ Day), December 12 (12.12), Christmas, and New Year’s driving major digital sales. In Southeast Asia, many consumers spend well into February to prepare for their lunar new year. During this lucrative extended shopping season, retailers worldwide go all out with special promotions and marketing campaigns to entice Southeast Asian customers.

Driven by a robust internet economy, eCommerce sales in Southeast Asia are projected to double to $254 billion by the end of 2026. In addition, Southeast Asians’ renewed way of living and shift in buying habits due to the pandemic has significantly boosted digital consumption.

From a spike in food delivery services to a surging desire for travel and fintech products, consumer demands have become increasingly diverse over the past few years. The mobile-first economy has given digital consumers a chance to seek out online communities, discover new paths to purchase, and have begun to value brand loyalty. Advertisers recognize sales can be achieved across the marketing funnel. As a result, retailers have kicked off the holiday shopping season by offering more immersive social experiences, products, and services.

The rise of these new needs has resulted in a decline in traditional marketing strategies. As eCommerce competition spikes throughout the peak season, how do brands find new engines of growth to push up ROI and scale their growth beyond the holiday season?


Impress Your Consumers with Content

In the past, when TV and brick-and-mortar stores dominated, retailers usually latched onto key shopping events by adopting a cookie-cutter approach to advertising. In the age of social media, however, there is a mindblowing number of advertising platforms where the “casting a wide net” marketing strategy is no longer as effective.

In today’s marketing, advertisers have changed their strategy from a general, wide-net approach to a refined, targeted one. Retailers need quality content that speaks to their users. This is why Nativex believes content is at the core of building a brand for the long term. For example, we recently helped Kaadas, a smart lock-maker, reach its target audience and improve user engagement and retention through quality content marketing.

Regarding content creation, the Nativex team identified different scenarios for the brand’s high-end smart locks. We positioned Kaadas as an item for a quality lifestyle by integrating its versatile and easy-to-use products into other contexts to show how they contribute to a safer and smarter way of living. Nativex also utilized influencer marketing to boost consumer trust. 

When it comes to data-driven advertising powered by first-party data analytics, Nativex provided Kaadas with statistical insights into ad platform’s effectiveness, industry overviews, competitive advantages, and consumer demographics before the actual ad placement. 

The statistical analysis and data-driven content suggestions proved effective in attracting high-intent users, which boosted interactions and drove key metrics such as extended viewing time, click-through rates, and follower increases. This contributed to the retailer’s marketing campaigns by strengthening its brand image and generating the required ROI.


Understand Consumers with Data

Finding what marketing content clicks is the key to winning over more purchase intent. 

Take marketing on TikTok, for example. The popular short-form video app has evolved into a super app that functions as a content marketing service and a sales channel. Therefore, to stand out and achieve long-term brand success on TikTok, it is necessary to know the 5A model: Aware, Appeal, Ask, Act, and Advocate.

The next step is to discover your target consumer based on the 5A formula and use different marketing strategies to convert them. 

For example, Nativex has been collaborating with a food manufacturer, which sought to launch influencer marketing campaigns from the beginning of October and into the holiday shopping season. Nativex started by first defining the brand’s ideal customers. Guided by the 5A model, we concluded that its target audience is not white-collar workers in general but the A1 (those who are aware of the brand), A2 (those to whom the brand appeals), and A3 (those who ask to buy). Influencers then conducted tailor-made product placement in various scenarios to generate traffic and conversions. Nativex also drew on the strength of TikTok’s content-marketing tool and Ocean Engine’s 5A model to initiate precise ad placement and reach out to the target customers.

Ultimately, the A1 and A2 groups of the food brand saw a 240% increase in conversions. Influencer marketing and content marketing surpassed expectations, building up a solid consumer base and paving the way for the future conversion of A3 users.


Convince Your Consumers to Buy with Influencer Marketing

Advertisers are doubling down on their marketing campaigns to profit from the flurry of holiday shopping events (e.g., “Double 11”, “Double 12”, Christmas). In 2021, Shopee and Lazada, Southeast Asia’s e-commerce giants, recruited celebrities and influencers such as footballers and Korean artists to promote their deals during the holiday shopping season.

Finding the right influencer in a specific category and creating quality content accordingly is the recipe for getting immediate conversions, engaging with consumers, and boosting ROI through word-of-mouth marketing.

Here are three tips on how to make your content and products sell, attract, and convert your target audience to seize the perfect opportunity and benefit from sustainable growth.

  1. During the 2 to 10 days before your promotions officially kick off, use influencer marketing as a pre-sales strategy to attract as many potential consumers as possible.
  2. During your promotional period, make sure your influencer marketing accounts for at least 20% of the ad investment to secure long-term returns.
  3. Have precise and differentiated influencer marketing content throughout the year and increase the search rate for your products/services and the influencers who work with you.


About Nativex

Nativex is a leading digital marketing agency covering traffic resources across all major markets in the world. By providing high-quality user acquisition automation tools, KOL marketing services, and a wide range of creative customization capabilities, Nativex helps brands and apps around the world boost their cross-regional growth. As part of the Mobvista Group, Nativex has offices in 14 locations around the world and provides services to over 3,000 advertisers across more than 60 countries.

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