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Navigating New Marketing Opportunities During Ramadan

As the crescent moon marks the end of another Ramadan, the echoes of a global celebration resound with increased consumer engagement and a surge in entertainment activities. For brands, this period offers a unique window to connect with their audience.
Nativex, an expert in creative localization, has been leading this trend by crafting campaigns that capture the essence of Ramadan. In this blog, we explore the marketing trends featured during Ramadan, highlight fresh perspectives, and share the latest tips to help brands make a lasting impact.

Ramadan Marketing Trends: A Snapshot

  • Peak Marketing Moments: The first few weeks of Ramadan have shown a strategic build-up in marketing efforts, particularly for mobile apps. A significant surge in ad creatives during the second week of Ramadan across the Middle East and Southeast Asia underscores the importance of timing in marketing strategies.
  • The Rise of SMEs: Small to medium-sized developers are making their presence in the Middle East’s advertising landscape. Platforms like Bigo Live and Lemon8 are helping these developers gain traction and showcase the potential of niche platforms and markets.
  • E-Commerce Breakthroughs: E-commerce has seen explosive growth during Ramadan, with ad creatives for shopping apps doubling from the previous year. TikTok Shop, in particular, has been a standout performer, achieving a remarkable 173% increase in single-day GMV during the Saudi Ramadan promotion, setting a new benchmark for the industry.

Creative Localization Insights from Nativex’s TopWorks Studio

  • The Short Drama Revolution: Short dramas have captured audiences’ attention on platforms like TikTok and Kwai, with Ramadan-themed content becoming particularly popular. Nativex’s global creative team has harnessed this trend to craft localized short dramas that align with the viewing preferences of audiences in Muslim-majority regions.

TikTok influencer @alicenorinofficial Ramadan series short drama

  • Offline Experiences and Celebrations: As consumers express a strong interest in offline activities, brands are focusing on promoting local experiences. We recommend using first-person perspectives and real-life scenarios to deepen the sense of immersion.
  • Family and Tradition Themes: Given the importance of family gatherings and traditional rituals during Ramadan, we recommend marketers develop campaigns that highlight these aspects. Leveraging the “Eidi” tradition, where elders give monetary gifts to younger family members, can be an effective way to engage the audience.

  • Targeting the Youth Market: The tradition of gifting children during Ramadan has opened up opportunities in the children’s fashion market. Nativex emphasizes the importance of showcasing the quality and versatility of children’s apparel, highlighting their suitability as festive gifts.

How Nativex Helps Brands Succeed in Ramadan

Ramadan offers a unique opportunity for businesses to connect with their Muslim customers through genuine marketing campaigns. Here are a few ways we can help your brand:
  • Strategy Development: We develop Ramadan marketing strategies that align with your brand values and resonate with Muslim consumers, ensuring campaigns are culturally relevant and impactful.
  • Content Creation: Nativex’s TopWorks Studio produces captivating Ramadan-themed content, from social media graphics to video narratives, that make your brand stand out in the competitive digital landscape.
  • Social Media Management: We help your brand maintain a consistent, on-brand, and resonant social media presence during Ramadan, maximizing the potential of each touchpoint.
  • Influencer Partnerships: By identifying and collaborating with influencers who have a strong connection with the target audience, we help you extend the reach and impact of your Ramadan campaigns.
  • Advertising Campaign Management: As an authorized advertising agency for platforms such as TikTok for Business, Kwai for Business, and Bigo Ads, Nativex provides expert management and optimization for ad campaigns to maximize ROI.
By understanding the cultural significance of Ramadan and focusing on authenticity, community engagement, charitable giving, and strategic social media use, businesses can create successful campaigns.
With our expertise in creative localization, Nativex can help businesses develop tailored strategies, create impactful content, manage social media, and partner with influencers to achieve their Ramadan marketing goals and foster lasting relationships with the Muslim community.

About Nativex

Nativex is a leading digital marketing platform committed to helping brands and apps achieve cross-regional growth. With a specialized focus on media buying, influencer marketing, and creative customization, we provide innovative solutions to expand our clients’ reach across global markets.
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