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Nativex Wins TikTok’s Integrated Marketing Campaign Award by Helping ONLYOU Grow in SEA

Nativex has been awarded the “Integrated Marketing Campaign Award” for its impressive growth results for ONLYOU, the beauty brand of the mj·wheat group. As an official TikTok for Business marketing agency, Nativex provides professional solutions that helped ONLYOU increase sales and brand awareness in the Southeast Asian market on Tiktok, securing a win-win partnership for all.

What is the Win-Win Cooperation Case Award?

TikTok for Business’s “Win-Win Cooperation Award” shines the spotlight on outstanding agency case studies that display efficient development and contribution to global business growth.
There are four main categories under this award: Integrated Marketing Campaign Award, Boundary Expansion Case Award, Business Growth Case Award, and Technology Contribution Case Award.

How Nativex helped ONLYOU Scale in Southeast Asia

As a beauty brand, ONLYOU specializes in foundation products. To help grow on TikTok Shop in Indonesia, Nativex recommended that ONLYOU launch high-cost-performance bestsellers, prioritizing foundation products priced between 55000 – 99000 Indonesian Rupiah.
By creating a strong contrast in product function and effect-showcasing video content, ONLYOU was able to gain attention and break through the market.
Subsequently, based on the operational experiences on TikTok Shop, Nativex helped ONLYOU build up a lineup of skin-focused products, covering daily life and travel scenarios, to increase overall sales.
Through creative customization and precise placement strategies, Nativex has helped ONLYOU achieve large-scale growth in the Indonesian TikTok Shop. Within one month of launching, ONLYOU’s foundation product have become a best-seller, ranking among the top-selling beauty products across all categories.
The campaign itself also achieved great results. In the first quarter of 2024, ONLYOU garnered over 300 million impressions and follower growth of over 500,000 users, realizing increases in brand influence and sales.
ONLYOU influencer marketing campaign
“Through Nativex’s professional services, we have successfully expanded ONLYOU’s brand influence and achieved stable sales growth, firmly establishing our presence in the Indonesian market. The Nativex team has enabled us to efficiently integrate resources across channels like TikTok and Meta, rapidly scaling up while optimizing promotion costs,” said Huang Shutao, CEO of the mj·wheat family.
“Starting from Southeast Asia as our core business market, with the goal of comprehensive global expansion covering major countries and regions, we believe that our continued collaboration with Nativex will bring more opportunities for global growth,” Huang added.
Global brand expansion has become a key industry trend. Considering evolving user behavior and intensified market competition, enterprises’ capabilities and demands for global growth have undergone profound changes.
With our professional team and deep insights into the global market, Nativex is well-positioned to assist cross-border sellers and developers achieve long-term growth in the overseas expansion race.

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