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How to Successfully Market Travel on Xiaohongshu?

The phrase “search on Xiaohongshu before traveling” only scratches the surface of a complex user journey that can lead users from discovery to meaningful engagement, and eventual conversion. Xiaohongshu’s community-driven nature and ability to disseminate information have captivated users and fueled their interest in various destinations even before their visits.

In fact, according to Xiaohongshu’s 2023 Annual Travel Trends Report, travel-related posts published on the platform saw a 273% increase compared to the previous year. Users on Xiaohongshu are not just documenting their journeys, but are actively sharing their travel experiences and tips, enriching the platform with diverse travel stories and trends.

In this guide, we explore travel-related notes in detail, examining the search demographics, top search keywords, and best practice tips for marketing travel on Xiaohongshu.

Who Is Interested in Travel on Xiaohongshu?

Let’s list the typical demographics of a Xiaohongshu user interested in travel according to Xiaohongshu’s February Travel Industry Report.

  • Such users tend to be young adults aged between 19 to 35.

  • They live in first and second-tier cities.

  • 90% are middle to high-spending users, with 40% owning homes and cars, and more than 70% living in mid and upscale neighborhoods.

  • While females form the majority, there is a noticeable increase in male users actively searching for travel-related content.

  • Among female users, over 60% are unmarried, and 75% do not have children, indicating a trend in the younger generation to focus on personal experiences.

  • However, women with children older than six also show a strong interest in travel, likely influenced by the value of family trips.

  • Travel searches also tend to like content related to lifestyle, fashion, and food.

What Are the Top Search Keywords in Travel?

As of February 2024, there’s a steady increase in search volume for culture and tourism topics on Xiaohongshu compared to the previous year. The top search keywords in February primarily focus on travel destinations, recommended cities, nearby attractions, and natural sites. In March, there was a growing interest in lesser-known travel cities and destinations. For accommodation, users frequently search for hotels, guesthouses, and hostels, emphasizing a preference for value-for-money stays.

Top-searched destinations include popular destinations like Singapore, various Southeast Asian countries, and Korea, with the top search terms emphasizing recommendations for destinations and attractions, travel tips, and checklists.

Best Practice Notes for Travel

In the Xiaohongshu community, posts are referred to as “notes.” In this section, we provide essential tips for creating standout notes for travel agencies, transportation services, and hotels and accommodations. Given that these are highly sought-after topics on the platform, understanding how to craft notes that appeal to the target audience is crucial for maximizing your visibility and engagement.

Travel Agency

  • Creative Type: Many users look up tourism-related content on Xiaohongshu to gather information for planning their trips. It is a good idea to focus on providing travel tips that cover popular destinations, suggested itineraries, or recommendations for local delicacies or souvenirs.

  • Cover Image and Title: The cover image and title are crucial. They make the first impression on users. Consider a series of photos featuring iconic landmarks or annotated travel maps for the cover image. For titles, use phrases with an exclamatory tone to grab immediate attention. Adding a personal touch or sentiment to the title can also enhance resonance with your audience.

  • Copy: It is crucial to capture the audience’s attention right from the start. Consider beginning a note by setting the scene—share who you traveled with, the occasion, and the story behind your journey; at the end, conclude with “must-visit” tips to encourage readers to bookmark the note. For content focused on specific activities or events, it’s better to state the location and timing upfront, and then outline the travel route and schedule, providing detailed breakdowns and insights into each activity or event.


  • Creative Type: While figuring out local travel is straightforward, the rules of the road can change when traveling abroad. Take Japan, for example: should you get a JR pass or is a Suica card sufficient for your needs? This is where the transit notes come in, providing tips and strategies for transit in overseas travel, from renting a car to choosing the most cost-effective travel passes.

  • Cover and Title: Using images like flight schedules or screenshots is an effective way to grab attention, as they convey the purpose of the note. For titles, keywords such as “cheap,” “budget travel,” or “cost-effective” can attract those looking for value in their travel experiences.

  • Copy: People usually actively search for travel-related content before travel seasons, such as holidays, or summer and winter breaks, making it a perfect time to highlight popular destinations. In the content, you can emphasize the advantages of early booking and introduce ticketing channels, or offer tips on getting discounts on tickets, to attract and engage readers. Also, don’t forget to include tips in the notes, such as what to pack or what to expect for customs declaration, as these details can gain more likes and bookmarks

Hotel and Accommodation

  • Creative Type: Both the tangible and intangible aspects of accommodation are crucial. These creatives typically use photos featuring the property’s amenities and atmosphere, or real guests checking in to provide an authentic peek into what staying there is like. Since services can’t be captured in photos, hire KOLs to share their staying experiences. In addition, including tips on how to secure deals or discounts can also generate interest and drive bookings.

  • Cover and title: Resort hotels can choose a cover image with a panoramic view to showcase the rooms, amenities, and surrounding areas. The titles can emphasize the nearby attractions, scenic spots, restaurants, and shopping districts to underscore its prime location. On the other hand, hostels should cater their focus to travelers seeking local experiences. Titles should evoke a sense of relaxation or escape, with keywords like “retreat” or “weekend getaway” working to attract those looking for an authentic, down-to-earth experience.

  • Copy: When researching accommodation, people usually look for a variety of options. Therefore, in the content, you can introduce multiple hotels across different price ranges and point out the unique features that set each hotel apart. Additionally, include details on the location and estimated transit times to popular places ensuring that potential guests have all the necessary information to decide their stay. Lastly, adopting a first-person perspective to share personal recommendations can enhance the authenticity of content and create a relatable experience for the readers.

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