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Nativex Honored with 2024 Baidu Trailblazer Award for Helping Global Brands Expand into the Chinese Market

Nativex, a leading digital marketing platform, has been awarded the “2024 Trailblazer Award”at the Baidu Ads Channel Ecosystem Core Agent Conference. The conference was themed “Unite with AI, Win the Future,” focusing on leveraging generative AI to reconstruct new business ecosystems and spearhead revolutionary changes in AI-driven marketing.

As an official Baidu Agency, Nativex has successfully helped global brands and developers expand their business in China through Baidu’s marketing platform. This achievement highlights Nativex’s expertise in leveraging Baidu, which is uniquely positioned as China’s premier search engine marketing platform emphasizing AI capabilities.

Baidu reaches over one billion Chinese customers, providing unmatched access to one of the largest internet user bases in the world. Its dominance in the search engine market makes it an indispensable platform for international businesses to target Chinese consumers.

Baidu’s commitment to AI includes persistent efforts to develop AI-native products and services. By innovating new content formats and advertising systems, Baidu reshapes user experience while supporting businesses in achieving definitive growth in brand awareness, user mindset, service operations, and business conversion. Baidu’s generative artificial intelligence (AI) product ERNIE Bot (also known as Wenxin Yiyan) has accumulated more than 100 million users.


Cheryl Huang, SVP of Nativex, expressed her sentiment for the award by stating, “We are honored to receive this recognition from Baidu. It demonstrates our commitment to helping clients, including brands and developers around the world successfully expand their business scale through Baidu Ads in the Chinese market. Our team’s deep understanding of Baidu’s platform, especially in search engine marketing, AI-driven marketing, and traffic optimization has made Nativex the go-to partner for many leading global brands seeking immediate performance opportunities and long-term growth.”


One of the key sectors that Nativex has excelled in is the cultural and tourism industry. As overseas cultural and tourism organizations increasingly seek to explore the Chinese market, Nativex can address any brand’s unique marketing needs.

Beyond the tourism industry, Nativex has a proven track record across a diverse range of fields. A notable example is our work with Duolingo English Test. Our campaign with the brand helped improve awareness and gain more users in the Chinese market. Despite challenges including low keyword conversion rates and high customer acquisition costs, Nativex designed creative strategies that efficiently acquired valuable users. Our efforts led to a 33% increase in registration rate and a 200% boost in click-through rate (CTR).


About Nativex

As the official agent for major Chinese advertising channels like Baidu, Xiaohongshu, Ocean Engine and Weibo, Nativex leverages its global, localized service teams and extensive experience to help clients from different countries and industries achieve growth in China.

Nativex’s deeper insights into the Chinese market and rich experiences in various sectors sets us apart. With our proven track record and strong partnerships, Nativex is well-positioned to assist more enterprises in realizing success in the Chinese market.

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