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XploreChina: Understanding the World’s Largest Mobile Market

Join Nativex alongside Ocean Engine, Tenjin, and TapNation as we discuss the Chinese mobile market. China is an incredibly vast and diverse market for app publishers and advertisers. We’ll clue you in on everything from the top Chinese media platforms, the local influencer market, the unique Android market and more. 

XploreChina by Nativex has a deep understanding of the Chinese market and strong connections to China’s top media platforms which allow us to make the transition into this unique media ecosystem for brands seamless and effective. As more brands look to break into China, we are able to guide marketers every step of the way.

Olivia Tan
Brand Strategist
Olivia is responsible for shaping Ocean Engine’s marketing narrative with a global perspective to further the understanding of the platform in overseas markets. Olivia also delivers product solutions to international brands looking to invest in the China market and help them succeed by presenting key vertical insights and high-performing case studies.
Maryse Maître
UA & Monetisation Manager
UA & Monetisation Manager at TapNation, Maryse is responsible for the publishing and development of the company’s games in Mainland China. She handles the relationships with the publishing partners and fully manages the games that TapNation self-publishes in China; as well as the relationship with our Chinese partners.
Ming Li
Head of Sales, China
Ming Li is the Head of Sales for Tenjin China