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How GameGoing Achieved 25% User Growth Using Kwai in Emerging Markets

In the dynamic landscape of game user acquisition and monetization, Southeast Asia and South America have emerged as imperative markets for their large populations and youthful demographics.

Game publisher GameGoing is renowned for its expertise in mobile casual games. Since its establishment, the company has achieved significant success across Europe, the Americas, and Southeast Asia. This accomplishment is largely attributed to their extensive portfolio of games, which notably includes hit titles such as “Crop Blast,” “Blast Mania,” and “AI Tube.”

GameGoing’s foresight in recognizing the growth potential within multiple emerging markets has been a key factor in their widespread popularity and success. And to expedite market penetration, GameGoing set its sights on Kwai, a rapidly growing short video platform with over 180 million monthly active users worldwide. Kwai has successfully established a massive and loyal user base in emerging countries and regions such as Latin America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, making it an ideal choice for GameGoing’s user acquisition strategy.

To capitalize on this opportunity, GameGoing recently worked with Nativex, an official marketing partner of Kwai for Business. With a dedicated global localization team and extensive marketing experience on Kwai, Nativex successfully introduced a multifaceted advertising strategy, including influencer marketing and in-feed ads.

This approach significantly strengthened the interaction between GameGoing’s brand and its users, leading to a notable 25% increase in user scale and a substantial ROI.

Optimizing Local Influencers for Explosive Reach and Engagement

In collaboration with Nativex, GameGoing employed an innovative advertising strategy by integrating:

  1. In-app tasks: Users can earn in-app currency, Kwai gold, by completing assigned tasks to their profiles.

  2. Influencer marketing: Nativex is connected with a diverse range of Kwai influencers to enhance brand awareness.

  3. Video ads: Nativex also assisted GameGoing in selecting high-quality video creatives, including crafting compelling call-to-action copy to boost app downloads and drive new user conversions.

How We Approach Marketing in Brazil

  • Nativex ensures content is geared towards Brazilian Portuguese: Given the relatively low prevalence of English in Brazil and the differences between Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese, selecting local influencers for distinct user groups improves understanding and engagement of our in-feed ads.

  • Nativex keeps content diverse: Brazilian audiences enjoy diverse content, and show a strong preference for influencer content. To broaden the game’s outreach effectively, crafting diverse and creative in-feed content, ranging from comedic to educational themes, caters to varied user interests which be highly impactful.

Integration of In-Feed Ads and Incentivized Videos to Attract Users

Kwai has various advertising formats and widely-ranging content, providing an excellent foundation for GameGoing to activate more potential users.

Nativex recommended a combination of in-feed ads and incentivized videos to achieve optimal results:

  • Capitalize on popular trends: Utilize popular platform trends like cooking or arts and crafts to distribute content to prospective customers via in-feed ads. Showcasing game features creates a contrast that draws users to download an app.
  • Build engagement with interactive incentivized videos: Create memorable interactions through task execution, in-game currency, or experience rewards, and encourage players to act.

Under the guidance of Nativex’s advertising team, GameGoing continuously monitored user feedback and advertising data. This approach allowed GameGoing to precisely adjust and optimize its advertising strategies and creative direction, maximizing the effectiveness of in-feed ad campaigns.

“Through precise in-feed ad placements on the Kwai platform, we not only significantly increased user retention rates but also effectively reduced the acquisition cost for new customers. Nativex brings valuable casual game insights to the table. They not only deeply understand target markets and user behavior, but have also mastered the content dynamics and operations of Kwai. Witnessing GameGoing’s firm foothold in emerging markets like Brazil and Indonesia has been a pleasure!”

–  Sun Xiao, Distribution Director at GameGoing


If you’d like to be part of this new partnership and take your campaigns to the next level, contact the Nativex team today


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