Nativex Named as A Global Ad Agency of Tencent Marketing Solution, Facilitating Global Advertisers to Grow in China


Nativex, a leading mobile-first advertising platform, today announced it has been certified as an advertising partner of TMS. Nativex is among only three agencies certified for TMS’s global ad business division. Tencent owns top flagship apps like WeChat and QQ, which covers more than 1.2 billion active users worldwide. TMS is the official marketing platform that allows advertisers to run campaigns on all Tencent’s products, including WeChat, QQ, Tencent News, Tencent Music, and Tencent’s partnered network. The platform provides advertisers the ability to reach domestic Chinese online users. The advertising partnership will allow global advertisers to enter the Chinese market and considerably scale their campaigns.

TMS’s overseas business focuses mainly on helping Chinese advertisers grow globally by leveraging Tencent’s overseas traffic, and helping global advertisers explore the Chinese mobile market and connect with Chinese audiences. The partnership signifies the first time TMS has certified any agency to provide Tencent services in the global market. This certification acknowledges Nativex’s technology and agency capabilities to help global marketers run advertising campaigns across Tencent’s products. 

Tencent is uniquely positioned in the Chinese market and is a must-have for any marketer looking to grow,” said Irene Yang, Managing Director, Nativex. “Nativex strives to become the premier one-stop, mobile marketing solution geared toward helping marketers reach China’s vast user base. Becoming a core advertising partner of TMS gives us the opportunity to help top brands connect with the Chinese audience and scale their campaigns.”

This cooperation will also directly benefit Nativex’s XploreChina initiative which offers tools to marketers looking to break into the Chinese mobile market. XploreChina offers solutions for media buying, KOL marketing and Android-specific solutions. Being certified by Tencent offers another China Top Media channel for clients to leverage. Additionally, Nativex also provides advertisers with the XMP Media Buying platform which opens access to hundreds of millions of users across China’s leading ad platforms including all Tencent’s apps and services.

About Nativex: Nativex is dedicated to driving ROI and growth for all sectors of business in a digital and mobile-first world. Nativex enables marketers to create strong, sustainable growth through universal access to digital channels across China and the rest of the world. In addition to this, Nativex offers all the integrated tools needed for marketers to thrive and create a meaningful impact on their audiences. Part of the Mobvista Group, Nativex has a global presence with 16 offices worldwide. Learn more at www.nativex.com.

About Tencent Marketing Solution: TMS reaches over 1.2 billion social networking users through Weixin, QQ, Qzone, and other Tencent platforms including Mobile QQ Browser, Tencent News, Tencent Video and third-party mobile apps. Tencent Ads helps advertisers to reach target audiences with diverse digital interaction, and to connect their brands with business goals.


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