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XploreAPAC Pulse: APAC Ad Spend Highlights

Welcome back to the 20th installment of XploreAPAC Pulse, your trusted source for staying up-to-date with the ever-evolving APAC region! As always, we remain committed to delivering the latest insights on mobile technology, digital marketing, and advertising in APAC, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.

Join us once again for this recurring series and dive into the freshest perspectives on all things mobile, digital marketing, and advertising in the dynamic APAC landscape. Our flash news updates will keep your finger on the pulse of this vibrant region, providing you with invaluable knowledge to fuel your success in APAC. Let’s explore together!

Mintegral, GameAnalytics, and Tenjin’s recent Casual Gaming Report offer valuable insights for mobile game marketers. Among its findings, the report reveals a strong preference for image ads (43.1% share) in the APAC market, with playable ads also seeing high utilization (31.8%).

Source: Mintegral, GameAnalytics, Tenjin

Bluepoch’s time travel RPG, Reverse: 1999, marks a successful first year in China ($74 million) and a strong international debut (almost 20 million downloads). While China remains the top spender (70% of revenue), Japan and the US are growing contributors.

Source: AppMagic

Developing markets are projected to see the biggest surges in app usage, while mature markets like the US, China, Japan, and Korea will remain the top spenders, contributing two-thirds of global consumer spending by 2030. With Asia expected to stay ahead in spending on both iOS and Android platforms.

Source: data.ai

Dungeon & Fighter Mobile’s China launch is a big win for Nexon. The game, already a global hit, raked in $66 million on iOS in its first week there, showcasing China’s vast and lucrative gaming market. This strong start could significantly boost Nexon’s sales moving forward.

Source: AppMagic

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