Nativex and Xiaohongshu Forge Digital Marketing Partnership


In a landmark development, digital marketing heavyweight Nativex has officially allied with Xiaohongshu, the popular Chinese lifestyle platform also known as “Red”. This union solidifies Nativex’s position as the primary cross-border marketing agency for Xiaohongshu, laying the groundwork for international brands and developers to amplify their user base in the dynamic Chinese market.

Offering Tailored Digital Solutions

Possessing a robust understanding of Xiaohongshu’s demographic dynamics and user behavior patterns, Nativex offers bespoke digital marketing solutions. These strategies empower brands and developers to effectively captivate their target audiences, heighten user engagement, and spur considerable business growth.

Nativex and Xiaohongshu Forge Digital Marketing Partnership: A Breakthrough Cross-Border Collaboration for Global Brands
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Drawing on its comprehensive knowledge in media strategy planning, influencer marketing, creative production, ad campaign management, and social media operations optimization, Nativex is positioned to unlock the abundant opportunities present on Xiaohongshu for global brands and developers.

Xiaohongshu: The Trendsetter’s Playground

Boasting over 260 million monthly active users and facilitating over three million daily posts, Xiaohongshu has burgeoned into an inclusive lifestyle community predominantly catering to China’s Gen Z. Encompassing areas like fashion, beauty, health, travel, food, and more, Xiaohongshu serves as a comprehensive lifestyle encyclopedia for its young users.

Often dubbed as “China’s Instagram”, Xiaohongshu offers a platform for the Gen Z to share their life experiences and product reviews through engaging visual content like photos and concise videos. The platform integrates community engagement, curated content, and commercial functionality seamlessly, thus nurturing an environment that promotes inspiration-seeking, personal story-sharing, and informed purchasing decisions.

By capitalizing on its extraordinary user-generated content, Xiaohongshu presents an authentic and compelling channel for brands and developers to engage users, nurture connections, and establish credible brand identities.

About Nativex

Nativex, a subsidiary of Mobvista, is a leading global digital marketing agency committed to fueling mobile growth through a comprehensive solution suite encompassing user acquisition, creative production, influencer marketing, social media account management, and intelligent media buying. Through Nativex, brands and developers gain access to top global media platforms and channels, which catalyzes their growth beyond geographical confines.


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