Nativex Becomes Official Kwai for Business Marketing Partner


Nativex has recently announced its global advertising partnership with Kwai for Business as an official marketing partner. As an official marketing partner, Nativex will provide advertisers around the world with campaign management and mobile growth opportunities.

With over 1 billion MAUs across its products which include short-form video platforms Kuaishou and SnackVideo. Kwai for Business offers marketers a massive, high-quality target audience coupled with strong spending power. Over 70% of Kwai’s user base consists of millennials living in metropolitan areas, making this an extremely valuable audience for global advertisers.

As one of the first agencies to be an official Kwai for Business Marketing Partner, Nativex can help new and existing partners leverage Kwai’s massive user base and wide range of ad formats to reach their marketing goals.

“It’s extremely exciting to be joining Kwai for Business at a time when Kwai products are growing at an unprecedented rate,” said Yikai Li, Nativex Head of Business Development said. “With Kwai for Business’s fantastic short-form video platforms and our strong mobile marketing expertise, we believe we can help brands and advertisers around the world unlock the next chapter in their quest for global growth.”

“We are delighted to welcome the Nativex team to the Kwai for Business Marketing Program,” said Paulo Fernandes, Director at Kwai for Business. “We are confident that our partnership with Nativex can help global marketers reach their target audience on the Kwai and SnackVideo platforms to provide strong campaign ROI.”

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