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We Fuel Growth with
our Performance-first
trading desk

We Fuel Growth with<br /> our Performance-first<br /> trading desk

We are building a single tool that connects all the tech stacks and platforms you need to thrive in today's digital economy.

At Nativex, we fuel real business growth with our all-in-one, open, modular and integrated tool for performance-led campaign management and ROI optimization. Whether your KPIs are users, conversions, ad revenue or re-engagement, leave the heavy-lifting to us and focus on growth.


Next Generation
Solution for
Every Business.

Next Generation<br /> Performance<br /> Solution for<br /> Every Business.

Take a first look at our dynamic, ever-evolving tool

Nativex Trading Desk

Enables automated workflow for cross-regional digital channel management, and provides transparent and actionable data insights that drive meaningful growth and deliver the highest ROI.

Next Generation<br /> Performance<br /> Solution for<br /> Every Business.

Nativex Trading
Desk in Action

Actionable intelligence that helps make the right decision, faster.

Unified Dashboard

Connect marketing inputs
and business outcomes.

Data Connector

We adopt an API-powered cross-platform approach. The breadth of channels and platforms connected and the depth of real-time data provided forge a clearer view of your business performance.

Connected channels and platforms
  • Closed Ecosystems Media
  • 3rd-party Programmatic Platforms
  • Affiliate Networks
  • Mobile OEM
  • Attribution Partners
Campaign Data
  • ad set
  • campaign
  • creative
  • costs
  • clicks
  • impressions
behavioral data
  • revenues
  • install
  • in-app events
  • re-engagement
  • leads
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Multi-faceted Data insights - crunched and distilled.

Insight Cruncher

Customizable insights on campaign performance, creatives and behavior. Targeted optimization for different levels of data insights:
  • Traffic Generation Metrics: CPI
  • Conversion Metrics: CTR / CVR / CPI / CPE
  • Revenue Metrics: ROAS / ROI / LTV