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The Importance of Creatives for Boosting Your Game Growth

Video creatives have recently become the most popular ads for mobile games.

According to SocialPeta, along with the coverage of the 5G Networks and the development of global mobile network technologies, the number of video creatives increased by 73% in 2021 compared to 2020 and will keep rising this year. In addition, nearly half of gaming marketers (48%) invested more into creatives in 2021, and 90% have realized the importance of suitable creatives for campaign success. 

High-quality creatives can help you reach and convert the right audience, keeping those interested in your game more engaged and entertained.


Shifts in Creative Marketing: From “One-size-fits-all” to “Tailor-made”

In the past, we saw the trend of one-size-fits-all mobile game advertising strategies. Generally, the best practices to follow were simple: be precise and clear, display the game’s most important features/functions, and include a call to action. This directly drew the attention of the target player groups.

Unlike the “one-size-fits-all” solution that ignores individuality and personal preferences, personalized creatives consider all of these aspects. This type is quickly growing around the globe. It isn’t just the simple story-telling method to demonstrate gameplay and excite people to download your game, but it further considers captivating gamers to continue playing the game through personalized ads that create emotional engagement. Personalizing creatives helps better connect with the target market to convey a clearer message.


Creatives by Geo: India, the US, and Brazil are still the largest contributors

Diving deeper into the top countries that adopted video creatives for promoting: India, the United States, and Brazil are still the largest contributors, although there has recently been a slight decrease in downloads in these regions/countries.

Almost all gaming studios around the world are targeting these markets, leading to more and more high-quality creatives out for gamers. Each region has different preferences for creatives:

  • The US & EU Market: most high-ranking creatives from casual to hard-core games include adding stories/drama while demonstrating gameplay.
  • The Japan and Korea Market: due to the highly developed cultural content of the region, users in Japan and South Korea are more impressed by high-quality, outstanding, and attractive creatives. Specifically, creatives that show off the art style, animation, and characters.
  • The LATAM Market: gamers here prefer pure gameplay creatives (2D Video, Influencers – KOL/KOCs, etc.) with simple background sound/music.


Key Takeaways: Matching Creatives Types to a Game’s Timeline 

For players who already experience countless game ads, game developers need to observe trends and produce more attractive creatives that resonate with players:

  • High quality with diverse formats
  • Personalized advertising that matches user’s behaviors
  • High flexibility and adaptability


Creative Marketing Playbook: SLG Games

As a global mobile marketing expert, Nativex has accumulated extensive experience in SLG growth, helping top SLG developers expand into global markets and capture the growing demand.

Nativex recently created a creative marketing playbook around the SLG category in the US market, bringing analyses, insights, and in-depth case studies, helping SLG developers expand into global markets and capture the growing demand.

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Why Nativex?

Nativex owns an experienced team scattered around the world with the ability to grasp market trends and high adaptability to help come up with solutions for growth and position the most quality users in each region.

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