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Short-Form Video Ads during Ramadan 2023: How to Create Compelling Content that Resonates?

With Ramadan, the most significant religious observance for 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide, now behind us, it is time to explore the valuable insights gained and how they can be leveraged for exponential growth.

As a sacred and blessed period comparable to Christmas in the Western world, Ramadan offers brands and marketers a unique opportunity to engage with the Muslim consumer market and establish meaningful connections.

Examining the developments of Ramadan 2023 reveals new opportunities for global brands. By employing innovative tactics tailored to the cultural and religious significance of Ramadan, brands can achieve exponential growth and resonate authentically with Muslim consumers.

In the aftermath of Ramadan 2023, it is crucial for brands and marketers to reflect on the lessons learned and leverage the emerging opportunities. By embracing creativity and adapting their strategies, they can pave the way for future success.

What’s NEW for Ramadan 2023?

The Remarkable Comeback of the Travel Industry

With the waning impact of COVID-19, a growing number of individuals are opting to travel during holidays. Recent research conducted by YouGov Surveys indicates that 45% of Indonesian consumers intend to travel or return to their hometowns during Ramadan this year. Beginning in early March, there has been a sharp uptick in demand for flights and hotel reservations in popular tourist destinations like Maldives and UAE.

The Rising Power of Muslim Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)

As the Muslim online community continues to grow, the voices of Muslim key opinion leaders are gaining momentum. During Ramadan, these influencers are producing more content focused on the occasion’s themes. Moreover, social media content related to Ramadan has experienced a surge in recent years. For example, the hashtag #Ramadan2023 on TikTok has amassed an astonishing 9.1 billion views.

The Growing Trend of Reviving Family and Traditional Values

During this year’s Ramadan, there has been a notable resurgence of the emphasis on family and traditional values. As individuals unite to commemorate this sacred month, the significance of strengthening familial ties has become more apparent. Additionally, there has been a growing inclination towards traditional values as people seek stability and familiarity in an ever-evolving world. Content that highlights the importance of upholding positive traditional customs and values during Ramadan has deeply resonated with audiences.

The Renewed Emphasis on Generosity, Gratitude, and Self-Confidence

Ramadan customs place a significant emphasis on giving back, and this principle is evident in the content shared on personal and public social media platforms. From showcasing acts of kindness towards those in need to dedicating time and resources to meaningful causes, Ramadan inspires people to give back in various ways.

Moreover, during this holy month, there has been an increase in the consumption of festival-related content, particularly positive and uplifting messages, as individuals strive to maintain a positive mindset and avoid negative news. Muslims prioritize gratitude and positive thinking during this period, steering clear of negative current affairs.

How do you create innovative and appealing creatives that align with the 2023 Ramadan trends and attract the target audience? TopWorks, the global creative studio of Nativex, has identified various innovative creative formats:

Cooking Tutorials

As the trend of cherishing family and traditional values continues to grow, an increasing number of Muslim users are opting to cook at home. This has resulted in a surge in the popularity of cooking tutorial videos, which offer an attractive content format for viewers.

Creative Tips: Displaying the finished dish at the beginning of the video can create a seamless and captivating experience for viewers.  While, emphasising effects such as the steam rising from the cooking process can further enhance the visual appeal and immerse the audience in the content.

Muslim users are opting to cook at home

Source: @lillyskyx                                   

Unboxing Videos

Ramadan is a time of sharing and generosity through gift-giving, and many brands release gift packages or vouchers related to the holiday. Creating an immersive gift unboxing experience can grab users’ attention on social media and generate curiosity.

Creative Tips: To provide viewers with a clear view of the products being unboxed, it’s important to have a well-lit and focused setting. Consider using a voice-over to describe aspects of the product that can not be conveyed visually, such as “The fabric is incredibly soft!” Additionally, drawing inspiration from ASMR videos can make the unboxing experience more engaging and appealing to viewers.

Source: @aydagifts                                               

Makeup Tutorials & Clothing Hauls

Ramadan nights are often filled with gatherings and social events, providing an opportunity for Muslims to showcase their best selves to friends and family. As a result, video creatives related to beauty and fashion are highly engaging during this time, especially those that showcase makeup tutorials and clothing hauls.

Creative Tips: Take your viewers on a first-person journey to experience the unique Ramadan clothing by showcasing the texture, bold colors, and complete cut of these special outfits through a try-on experience at the store. This allows them to have a better understanding of the product and its quality.

Source: @imsay.b                                        

Creative Tip 1: Strongly Integrate Ramadan Traditions

Creating Ramadan-themed creatives requires a strong integration with Islamic traditions and culture. It’s important to consider the following:

  1. Incorporate iconic visual symbols such as Midfar Al Ifta, mosques, Arabic teapots, lanterns, and crescents to give your content a distinct local flavor. These symbols can be used as background images or integrated into the design of your creatives.

  2. Use Ramadan blessings and greetings in your ad copies, especially in single-image ads and video ads. The phrase “Ramadan Kareem” (wishing you a generous and blessed Ramadan) is commonly used and can add a personal touch to your creatives.

Creative Tip 2:

Customized Background Music

During Ramadan, many creatives have incorporated traditional Arabic music to enhance the shopping atmosphere during the holiday season. Some e-commerce platforms have even created exclusive soundtracks for their brands and Ramadan campaigns, featuring catchy tunes and dance moves that increase users’ engagement and brand recognition. Utilizing background music to your advantage can leave a lasting impression on viewers and generate a strong overall impact.

Creative Tip 3:

Showcase Key Information to Drive Conversion

During the Ramadan period, e-commerce platforms aim to convey the message of “ultimate cost-effectiveness” to their consumers through various marketing strategies. These strategies are reflected in the ad creatives in several ways:

Promotional information such as product discounts, cashback, and multiple points are prominently displayed in the content with enlarged and bold fonts to catch the consumers’ attention.

② User acquisition is a crucial marketing focus during Ramadan, with a significant portion of ad creatives dedicated to new users. E-commerce platforms use popular slogans such as limited-time deals, free gifts, and exclusive Ramadan discounts to entice new users.

Fulfillment services such as logistics and payment are also significant selling points in marketing, with a small portion of the content highlighting fast delivery, cash on delivery, free shipping, and other perks. These services aim to provide a hassle-free shopping experience for consumers.

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