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On-demand Webinar: Creative and UA Strategies for Hypercasual Games

We recently spoke with CK Wang, CEO and Co-Founder of Kooapps, a top mobile hypercasual gaming studio, to discuss his tips and insights for creating engaging ads that convert. Kooapps has developed some of the world’s top puzzle, word, and hypercasual games like Stacky Bird and Snake.io

In this on-demand webinar, CK discusses the importance of hitting ROAS targets and delves into the TikTok plays in Kooapps’ user acquisition strategy. He highlights the abundance of opportunities and challenges posed by TikTok due to the high level of creativity required for success and how it features unique creative content. Additionally, he also details how Kooapps leverages the TikTok Creator Marketplace to work with influencers and shares how he executes influencer marketing even with limited budgets, using his past creative examples. He emphasizes the significance of testing and data-driven decisions in advertising, highlighting the various elements such as color, content, and audio that can be tested.

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