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Nativex Wins the 2023 Kwai for Business Uma Award, Continues to Explore Global Growth Opportunities

On January 28th, Nativex was honored with the “2023 Kwai for Business Uma Award” at the Kwai for Business Annual Agency Conference in Xishuangbanna, China.

In 2023, Kwai experienced notable growth, especially in Brazil and Indonesia. In Brazil, the platform saw a 17% rise in daily active users and over 60 million monthly active users.


Chen Hao, Head of Overseas Channel, Kwai for Business, stated, “As an industry marketing pioneer, Nativex always has an insight into the key factors that lead to commercial success. The team helps clients from various sectors with customized, innovative marketing solutions and, through their executive professionals, enables brands and developers to achieve substantial growth and capture market share in a volatile market environment. Leveraging Nativex’s years of global marketing experience and innovative spirit, we believe that Kwai for Business will bring even greater incremental value to global brands and developers in 2024.”

Cheryl Huang, Senior Vice President of Nativex, stated, “We have long recognized the growth opportunities that Kwai for Business offers to global brands and developers. As a result, Nativex closely aligns with market trends and employs practical strategies, creativity, and execution to help clients from different industries expand their presence in this new marketing landscape. In the future, we will continue to explore further possibilities and deliver value in marketing, empowering our clients to achieve global growth.”

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