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All You Need to Know about KOL Marketing in China

Let’s talk about influencers, also known as KOLs in China. We sat down with our expert Suki Lin to find out more about China’s KOL landscape and how global brands and advertisers can leverage their power to run successful campaigns there. Let’s take a look!

1. What’s the difference between KOL marketing and influencer marketing?

When you launch your campaigns in China, you are essentially switching from influencers to KOLs. What are some of the key differences that brands and advertisers should pay attention to before running their first KOL marketing campaigns?


2. Which verticals benefit the most from KOL marketing in China?

KOL marketing can work across a variety of brands and verticals. However, there are certain product types or verticals that we’ve seen perform better than others. Here’s which ones Suki believes can gain the most through the use of KOL marketing.


3. Best ways to work with KOLs in China

Working with Chinese KOLs might be challenging for global brands and advertisers, especially those who are just launching in this market. So what are some of the best approaches to use when working with KOLs in China?


4. What are the best ways to increase ROI with KOL marketing?

KOL marketing is a massive area, with lots of opportunities available. For advertisers looking to work with KOLs in China, how can they leverage their strengths to maximize their campaign ROI?

Looking to launch your campaigns in China?

China’s massive mobile market provides some incredible opportunities for advertisers around the world. All you need is the right partner. At Nativex, our cross-cultural team has an unparalleled understanding of the Chinese mobile market – we are the team behind the XploreChina solution.

We are an authorized ad service provider for major media outlets including Bytedance, we’ve got a solid understanding of China’s Android ecosystem, and we’ve worked with some of the biggest KOLs in China including Li Jiaqi.

If you’re looking to get your advertising campaigns into the world’s largest mobile market, get in touch with the Nativex team today and we’ll take your marketing ROI to the next level.

KOL marketing by Nativex

XploreChina is your one-stop mobile marketing solution designed to help you achieve success in the Chinese market.

From acquisition to monetization and creative services, we can help you at all lifecycle stages with a wide range of tools and solutions.


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