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Nativex Has Achieved Petal Ads Premier Partner For Outstanding Global Growth

Nativex has recently become a Premier Partner of Petal Ads. Additionally, two team members from Nativex’s Petal Ad service team have been awarded the 2023 Best Individual — Petal Ads Operation in recognition of their distinguished performance and achievements, highlighting the exceptional advertising strategies implemented by Nativex media buying teams.

Since becoming a Petal Ads Certified Partner in 2021, Nativex has assisted global brands and developers in achieving significant growth in multiple markets, including the Middle East, South America, the Far East, and Europe.

The advancement from ‘Certified Partner’ to ‘Premier Partner’ underscores Nativex’s impact as a global marketing resource within both Petal Ads and across the industry.

About Petal Ads

Petal Ads is a mobile ad platform powered by Huawei Technologies. Since 2017, the company has worked closely with advertising, media, and publishing partners to create an expansive and effective ad ecosystem. Today, Petal Ads is a vibrant marketplace with over 4 billion daily ad requests. The platform is integrated with over 360,000 global publishers and ad partners. Its reach spans 170+ countries and regions, engaging over 730 million HUAWEI device users, making it one of the largest mobile ad platforms in the world.


“As an important partner of ours, Nativex has garnered the trust of numerous global brands and app developers through its professionalism and innovative approach. Over the past years, Nativex can flexibly adjust marketing strategies to drive maximum growth for mobile game developers, lifestyle, social, and utility apps, as well as brands in Petal Ads, across diverse and global markets.”

– Isabelle Zeng, Overseas Business Development Responsible, Petal Ads


“We are honored to be the Premier Partner of Petal Ads. This is the best recognition of our dedication to ‘Glocalization’ over the years. From the beginning of the team, we have always adhered to ‘Glocal’, firmly believing that only by immersing ourselves in the local market and understanding its nuances can we unlock greater growth potential for our partners.”

– Vickie Huang, Business Director, Nativex



Partnering with Petal Ads enables Nativex to offer Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) advertising to expand its reach and provide clients with a powerful new traffic source for user acquisition. Nativex has leveraged the platform’s capabilities to help brands and developers expand into global markets with ease.

Nativex believes that understanding and optimizing campaigns according to local user behavior trends become critical for success in highly diverse global markets. The Nativex Petal Ads service team excels in delving into local user trends, optimizing ad campaigns, and achieving maximum effectiveness.

A recent e-commerce app promotion in the Middle East serves as a prime example of Nativex’s effective collaboration with the Petal Ads platform. This strategic partnership seamlessly integrated performance ads, brand ads, influencer marketing, and offline promotion. By tapping into niche markets, incorporating local cultural insights into tailored creatives, and leveraging Middle Eastern influencers along with the platform’s offline store resources, the campaign achieved outstanding results. The app realized a 2x ROI during the pre-launch phase and an impressive 4x ROI increase during the peak period.

To learn more about our integration, reach out to us today.

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