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Nativex Shortlisted for Influencer Marketing & Performance Agency of the Year at Campaign Asia AOY Awards 2023


Nativex is delighted to be shortlisted for the prestigious Campaign Asia Agency of the Year (AOY) Awards 2023 in two categories: Asia Pacific (APAC) Performance Agency of the Year and Southeast Asia (SEA) Influencer Marketing Agency of the Year.
The APAC Performance Agency of the Year nomination recognizes our expertise in translating consumer intentions into revenue through ROI-centric campaigns across diverse geographies. Meanwhile, our SEA Influencer Marketing Agency of the Year highlights our innovative approach to engaging influencers, seamlessly integrating them into strategies to elevate brand awareness and achieve business objectives.

Asia Pacific Performance Agency of the Year

Our partnership with DHGate exemplifies excellence in this category, where Nativex strategically employed TikTok Shop as a pivotal element in the campaign. Capitalizing on TikTok Shop’s global launch, initiated in August 2023, Nativex assisted DHGate, a Chinese e-commerce giant, in expanding globally. By prioritizing promotion in Europe and America, Nativex utilized Live Shopping Ads (LSAs), Video Shopping Ads (VSAs), and Spark Ads, resulting in significant growth for DHGate.
Key achievements for DHGate include a 183% order increase rate, 200% follower growth rate, 26% month-over-month growth rates, 166% order growth in hot-selling products, 11% weekly order growth rate, and an impressive 7x Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) growth on TikTok Shop.

Southeast Asia Influencer Marketing Agency of the Year

Our noteworthy collaboration with Mistine, a renowned Thai Beauty Brand, exemplifies our success in this category. Leveraging Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and Key Opinion Consumers (KOCs), we sparked engaging conversations and fostered active user participation, rapidly amplifying exposure to trending topics. Nativex’s expertise in the TikTok Shop ecosystem, coupled with precise audience targeting and tailored creatives, enabled Mistine to achieve remarkable ROI growth.
Additionally, Nativex has showcased success in partnerships with apps such as YOOZOO, BPMobile, KABAM, WeGames, Amanotes, Lightricks, Zego, and AsiaSoft under this award category.

About Campaign Asia AOY Awards

Since the early 1990s, Campaign’s Agency of the Year awards have celebrated inspiring leadership, management excellence, outstanding business performance, and overall achievements in advertising and brand communications. PwC tabulates results, making it the only program honoring agency excellence at both local and regional levels.
Navigating the influencer market across regions and verticals poses a significant challenge for brands and advertisers. Nativex’s influencer marketing and performance solutions offer a strategic approach to save time and resources while maximizing campaign ROI worldwide. Contact us today to explore how we can elevate your brand’s influencer marketing endeavors.

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