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Nativex Becomes BIGO Ads Official Marketing Agency

Nativex has recently partnered with the advertising platform BIGO Ads, becoming its official marketing agency. This latest collaboration signifies the strong cooperation between Nativex and BIGO Ads, as we aim to provide brands and developers with a comprehensive range of BIGO Ads services, enabling further expansion for our clients.

Specialized vertical media platforms that focus on specific markets and industries are becoming an increasingly integral role in the growth of brands and developers. Notably, platforms like BIGO Ads contribute substantial value in driving industry-wide growth.

Nativex is poised to help brands and developers explore new growth opportunities in the international market. Our approach encompasses strategic planning, creative customization, and influencer marketing, ultimately enhancing overall market competitiveness for their clients.

About BIGO Ads

BIGO Ads acts as the global mobile advertising marketing platform under the umbrella of BIGO. The platform boasts nearly 400 million monthly active users worldwide and operates in over 150 countries and regions

BIGO Ads comprises the short-video creation app Likee and acts as the exclusive agency for the instant communication platform imo.

  • Likee has garnered over 100 million monthly active users and is now among the world’s most popular social media applications. Likee incorporates regional cultural features. Furthermore, leveraging BIGO’s live streaming strengths, users can enjoy interactive real-time chats with broadcasters.
  • With over 200 million monthly active users, imo provides high-quality audio and video communication services, instant messaging, and other features like real-time sharing, enabling users to enjoy seamless connections anytime, anywhere.

Leveraging extensive user data, a robust content ecosystem, diverse creative combinations, and ad types, BIGO Ads deeply cultivates markets such as Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, providing a commercial marketing solution for its global partners.

“We are proud to have Nativex, a team with both resources and capabilities, become the official marketing agency of BIGO Ads. We believe our collaboration will help brands and developers break free from geographical and cultural limitations, enabling them to make deeper inroads into markets such as Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Moreover, our partnership with Nativex gives us greater confidence in providing more powerful commercial marketing solutions and creating more growth opportunities for our clients.”

– Joanna, Head of Sales, BIGO Ads


“Adhering to the ‘Global+ Local’ strategy, Nativex is committed to providing excellent marketing services for brands and developers. Our strong alliance with BIGO Ads signifies the deep integration of Nativex’s global professional team and extensive experience with BIGO Ads’ advertising resources. Together, we aim to assist developers and brands in achieving faster global market expansion.”

– Cheryl Huang, SVP, Nativex

With BIGO Ads, Nativex is already helping brands succeed across gaming, social networking, utility, and finance.

One well-known hyper-casual mobile game in the US market has utilized the integration to establish brand awareness and acquire high-quality users. To do so, Nativex’s dedicated team closely collaborated with BIGO Ads to customize marketing strategies that optimized the campaign:

  • Nativex utilized 2D videos to showcase the game content and features vividly, effectively capturing the target audience’s interest and desire and ultimately increasing downloads.
  • Nativex tailored precise targeting strategies on BIGO Ads and Likee, ensuring compatibility with both iOS and Android platforms. By efficiently coordinating traffic and budget allocation, Nativex facilitated precise user acquisition for the game.

As a result of the campaign, the app experienced a significant uplift in installs, surpassing the expected D30 ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) target.

To learn more about our integration with BIGO Ads, reach out to us today.

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