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Unraveling the Unrivaled Success of iQIYI in Southeast Asia

Among dozens of entertainment apps, iQIYI has achieved notable success with its strategic global expansion in the last two years. Renowned for engaging content spanning historical martial arts epics to modern urban dramas, iQIYI has solidified its position as the fifth-largest online video platform worldwide. To date, the app boasts 37 million monthly active users and 24 million social media followers.

Since 2019, iQIYI has been actively exploring Southeast Asian markets. In particular, Thailand has a strong fanbase for Chinese drama series. The team at iQIYI saw great promise in an upcoming show in China, the fantasy comedy Love You Seven Times, and wanted to export the series into SEA, and Thailand in particular. Working with Nativex, the series grew to a scale previously unseen in other markets. Here’s how our team unlocked growth potential through marketing on TikTok.


Growing Love You Seven Times on TikTok

Leveraging local expertise in Thailand and extensive global growth experience, Nativex orchestrated a successful marketing campaign for Love You Seven Times on TikTok. Utilizing challenges, stickers, and precision ad placements, Nativex generated significant buzz and engagement with iQIYI’s target audience.

The campaign worked by delving into the preferences of TikTok users globally. This meant that Nativex targeted young individuals interested in Chinese dramas and culture. Leveraging iQIYI’s official account with hashtags like #ประเทศไทยมีติงอวี่ซีแล้ว (ThailandEnchanted) and #Tเจ็ดชาติภพหนึ่งปรารถนา(Love You Seven Times) the brand released a flood of original content which attracted millions of impressions.

Nativex also introduced interactive question filters aligned with the story and characters of the series. This aimed to inspire influencers and users to co-create videos on TikTok. By framing the questions around “Who will you be in the next life?” and pairing them with popular local background music, the filter created a viral trend of user-generated content (UGC).


Expanding Audiences Offline

Beyond digital, Nativex extended its impact offline, guiding the audience to watch the series through immersive flash events. These events allowed fans to experience iconic scenes from the series firsthand, putting them in touch with their favorite moments.

In addition to online initiatives, offline event marketing increased the series’ visibility. Nativex partnered with iQIYI to host a flash event for Love You Seven Times in the commercial heart of Bangkok. Featuring displays and interactive entertainment areas infused with elements from the series.

                                                         Onsite Photos

  • Through vlog sharing and on-site fan interactions, local influencers energized their fan bases, bringing more attention to the series.
  • A photo-sharing event was also set up to enhance fan interaction. Participants could post photos related to the series on social platforms like TikTok and Twitter, earning them free ice cream and cold drinks.

Post-event, fan-shared photos and experiences on social media reignited the global buzz, driving conversions for iQIYI’s advanced streaming and subscription.

Social Media Engagement

From precision ad placements to localized creative content production and influencer promotion, Nativex ensured iQIYI gripped the emotional appeal of the series audience both online and offline. Through immersive marketing activities, an emotional connection was established with viewers, rapidly building momentum and positive word-of-mouth for the series and expanding the brand’s market influence.

Nativex propelled Love You Seven Times to over 1 billion impressions through these efforts. Additionally, Nativex played a crucial role in enhancing iQIYI’s viewership and popularity. It drove considerable conversions for iQIYI’s “Advanced Viewing” feature. This feature offers premium membership users early access to episodes, helping foster deeper engagement within the app.


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