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Introducing XMP: The First Multi-Channel Media Buying Tool Connecting China and the West

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We’ve been busy working on a tool that would take your media buying efforts to the next level. The Nativex media buying team has been using this tool internally to improve campaign performance for our 2,000+ advertising partners and we are excited to make it available to our partners starting from today!

Discover the future of media buying

Introducing XMP, the first multi-channel media buying tool that connects top media between China and the Western markets. Built by the Nativex media buying experts for media buyers, XMP will allow you to streamline complex campaign workflows across platforms like Snapchat, Douyin, WeChat, and Kuaishou.

Nativex XMP

Key XMP features compared to other media buying tools

XMP by Nativex takes the media buying concept you’re familiar with and gives it a significant set of upgrades:

  1. Automated workflows for scalable process management

Nativex XMP Automated workflows for scalable process management

XMP allows you to create, distribute, and manage your workflows across the most engaging media, all on one platform.

  • Split ad sets by targeting, placement, and creatives
  • Create 100+ ads in batches and increase your efficiency by 1,000%
  • One-click edit & duplicate functionality for your bids, budgets, and targeting
  • AI-powered ad set naming, no manual effort required
  • Single dashboard reporting: all your channels in one place
  1. A full-suite set of features designed to give you full transparency and granularity over the creative component of your campaigns.

Nativex XMP, End-to-end creative insights for an optimized ad experience

  • Prepare: pick the best-performing templates or request exclusive designs from our talented creative team
  • Launch: cloud-based asset management for easy launch at scale
  • Review and optimize: detailed analysis against key metrics including CTR, CVR, and Cost
  1. AI-powered optimization that focuses on ROI, ROAS, and LTV
XMP by nativex trading desk

XMP multichannel media buying tool for your in-house team

XMP is integrated with the best MMPs including Tenjin, AppsFlyer, and Adjust. Third-party attribution data is always available, providing you with an extra layer of optimization.

  • Configure tracking links straight from the platform
  • Access attribution data including ROI, LTV, ROAS, and more
  • Intelligent campaign optimization based on ROAS, ROI, and LTV across all media

Try the XMP: 30-Day Free Trial

If you’d like to try XMP today, we have some good news. As part of our launch, we are offering you to try XMP absolutely free, for 30 days. Please note that no credit card required, you can simply click below to start your free trial.XMP by Nativex Trading Desk

Full support from the Nativex Media Buying team

We are a certified ad service provider for key media and attribution partners. As part of the package, we will provide all our partners with a wide range of support to ensure they can take full advantage of all XMP features.

We are committed to providing you with the best service, so if you encounter any issues with things like campaign metrics, ad creatives, automation rules, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to use the Contact Us form. We are also looking for ways to constantly improve and optimize XMP, so if you have any feedback or suggestions, please make sure to let us know!


If you have additional questions around campaign management, pricing package and creative services, please check out Frequently Asked Questions.XMP by nativex trading desk