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Introducing: Media Buying A-Z Video Series

It’s no secret that the Chinese mobile market can be quite intimidating for global advertisers – after all, it’s a separate ecosystem with its own rules and regulations. However, with over 1 billion tech-savvy users in China, the opportunities are simply too good to ignore. This is why we’ve created the “Media Buying A-Z” short video series.

What is Media Buying A-Z?

We know that running successful campaigns in China requires a strong understanding of the market’s top media channels, their requirements, and their users – that’s where the Media Buying A-Z series comes in.

The goal of this short video series is to help you understand the media buying ecosystem in China and combine that knowledge with the right tools like XMP by Nativex in order to run successful campaigns in the world’s largest mobile market. Our series will help you maximize your media buying strategies, one clip at a time.

Episode 1: Streamlining ad creatives across multiple channels

Running campaigns on China’s biggest apps like Douyin, WeChat, Toutiao, or Bilibili requires different ad formats and each platform has its own set of processes. So how can you upload and deploy your creatives across all these channels quickly and effectively? 

In our first episode we’ll show you how you can use the XMP ad creative management tools to do this with just a few clicks. Check it out below:

Let’s recap:

  • You can upload up to 100 images or 20 videos at once with just a few clicks
  • Creatives can be filtered by source, format, shape, tags, and more
  • You have a granular level of control over your ad creative folders for things like sharing creatives across teams and managing access

Take your media buying to the next level with XMP

XMP is the first multi-channel media buying tool that connects top media between China and the Western markets. Built by the Nativex media buying experts for media buyers, XMP will allow you to streamline complex campaign workflows across platforms like Douyin, WeChat, Bilibili, Kuaishou, and more.

XMP is the first multi-channel media buying tool that connects top media between China and the Western markets. Sign up today and get a 30-day free trial!