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How Nativex Helped Hengxin Electronics Surpass 1000+ Daily Transactions

Computer, communication, and consumer electronics (known collectively as 3C) are an incredibly popular subcategory for cross-border e-commerce. And in recent years, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Africa have become key markets for 3C products.

As a 3C channel distributor that relies on cross-border eCommerce business, Hengxin Electronics stands out. From production to promotion, sales, and retargeting, they’ve established a seamless growth chain that has rapidly increased their market share. However, they wanted to grow further.

Nativex understands the needs of such businesses. We provide tailored marketing strategies, including expanding exposure through splash screen ads, multi-channel traffic redirection to their stores, and creating innovative content to break into new markets.

With our strategies, Nativex helped Hengxin Electronics achieve exposure for their products in the millions and break through the milestone of over 1,000 daily orders during the peak promotion period in Mexico. Here’s how we did it.


Transformers Breaks Boundaries with Strong Localized Content to Drive Traffic

Leveraging the global recognition and influence of Transformers, Nativex collaborated with Hengxin Electronics headphone products team to create new content that achieved cross-industry traffic boosts. We did this with two tactics:

  • Delivering a premium audio-visual experience: Nativex selected movie-grade soundtracks, combined with classic characters and Christmas elements to create a visual and auditory experience that aligns with the season and brand image, increasing users’ desire to purchase.

  • A strong call-to-action: We implemented CTAs to guide users toward purchase process completion. Our advertisements featured a clear CTA and provided external links to guide users to off-site stores for placing orders.

Nativex’s creative team emphasizes the importance of localization in regional market promotions:

In Mexico, Spanish is the official language, so creatives must use local language to establish a connection.

To address pain points for Mexican consumers during online shopping, marketing content prominently highlights local advantages such as quick transportation time. This approach significantly increases user trust and purchase intent.


Multi-Channel Promotion and Precise Targeting

Price is a primary consideration for consumers in emerging markets. Generally, affordable consumer electronics products like headphones, data cables, portable speakers, and other small items are highly sought after in regions such as Latin America. But where are users looing to find products? Kwai and Facebook are the answers.

By leveraging Kwai brand advertisements and Facebook performance ads, Nativex achieves brand exposure and drives user traffic to the Mercado Libre and Shopee platforms.

Kwai Splash Screen Ads for Brand Exposure

With over 180 million monthly active users, Kwai has a strong presence in emerging markets such as Latin America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. The app boasts high brand awareness and user engagement, making it a crucial platform for global brands to expand into overseas markets.

Consumers in Latin America tend to purchase 3C products during major promotional periods such as Christmas, year-end, and discount season. Taking Mexico as an example, Buen Fin and the Day of the Dead promotion are two peak sales periods for 3C products.

During the Holiday season, Nativex creates Kwai brand splash screen ads, generating incredible exposure for their headphone products. By including redirect links in the ads, potential audiences from the Kwai platform are encouraged to browse and make purchases on the Mercado Libre brand flagship store. 

About MercadoLibre:                                                                                        Founded in 1999, MercadoLibre is the largest e-commerce platform in Latin America, covering 18 countries including Mexico, Brazil, Chile, and Colombia. Since 2019, it has welcomed Chinese brands and sellers and currently operates in Mexico, Brazil, Chile, and Colombia. The platform focuses on vertical categories such as digital products, smart wearables, and fashion items.


Efficient Off-Platform Traffic Redirection to Expand Audience Reach

To successfully introduce new brands or products to international markets, marketers should consider the right advertising formats and ad creatives.

Nativex recommends focusing on Facebook, leveraging its vast user base, targeted advertising capabilities, and creative ad materials to expand reach and redirect traffic to the products from external sources.

Through platform ad exposure, products on the platform are directly showcased to potential 3C consumer audiences, guiding them to Shopee’s brand flagship store for further exploration and purchase.

About Shopee Mexico Site:                                                                               Shopee’s Mexico site officially launched in 2021. It focuses on building a local e-commerce ecosystem, connecting local merchants with consumers through customized policies and major promotional events like the Day of the Dead and Black Friday. Popular categories on the site include mobile accessories, women’s fashion, and home furniture.


The Results

By customizing a combination of advertising strategies, creating breakthrough content, and continuous content optimization, Nativex has successfully helped Hengxin Electronics attract high-quality traffic to achieve impressions in the millions for their products and brand.

“Through multi-channel advertising campaigns, we have increased exposure for our brand flagship stores on MercadoLibre and Shopee Mexico, attracting more targeted users’ attention and driving sales conversions. With the mature experience of Nativex in off-platform advertising for 3C electronics, we actively mesh into the local ecosystem and have successfully entered the Mexican market.”

Jiang Shuangzhu, Hengxin Electronics, Head of Shopee & MercadoLibre Business

During the Christmas and year-end promotion period, daily order volume in a single country exceeded 1000+, achieving an ROI increase over 5X.

To succeed in international markets, brands need to understand their target market, adapt advertising strategies accordingly, and optimize to adapt to market changes. Nativex can help with all these, and more. Get in contact today to learn how we can help you expand your e-commerce marketing performance.

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