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Grow Your App with Short-form Video

Social user preferences are changing rapidly. Driven by Gen Z, users are looking for new forms of entertainment and unique social interactions. Short-form video platforms have become the answer – offering marketers access to new potential users and higher levels of engagement.

The short-form social vertical has already innovated interactions and, with it, the ability to create impactful advertising. Now, apps looking to boost high-quality downloads are becoming more clued on to this trend and shifting their UA budgets from traditional social media like Facebook to short-form video channels like TikTok and Kwai.

While the advantages offered by TikTok are well-noted, Kwai is still relatively untapped in Western markets. This is surprising given that Kwai has the second-highest number of daily active users (DAU) of any short-form video platform and has done exceedingly well in capturing the hearts and minds of the Latin American market. Brazil, for instance, has more than 36 million monthly active users (MAU) on Kwai and provides similar levels of ad sophistication with in-feed ads specifically for eCommerce and Gaming. 

So, how can these two short-form video powerhouses provide growth for your app? 

Expanding Your Gaming UA strategy

Gaming has quickly become one of the top beneficiaries of short-form video’s rise in popularity. Beyond the sure bet of in-feed video, more and more app advertisers are now looking to assemble a community to inspire engagement.

Branded hashtags have become increasingly common for gaming titles. Including app elements such as characters, equipment, and storyline can help fuel the challenge’s ability to go viral and drive users to download. Nativex recently did just this for the prominent game publisher, Yoozoo. With the help of Kwai’s branded hashtags, we were able to boost the launch of their game, Metal Revolution, in Brazil. The #SeuEstiloMetal hashtag resulted in more than 340 million impressions and 82,000+ user-generated videos, launching the hashtag into the public eye and the #2 spot on the weekly hashtag rankings.

Boost growth in Brazil with Kwai (Source: Kwai for Business)


Fintech apps have also benefited greatly in recent months from in-feed ads and creator marketing on the platform. The #Fintok hashtag has gained a massive following of users looking to educate themselves on everything from personal finance to investment apps.

Fintech apps typically look for actionable conversion metrics such as sign-ups and registration and are better suited to creative strategies that educate.

Fin-fluencers, are defined as TikTok creators that have carved out a financial education niche and offer their experience and insights into the world of finance. Fin-fluencers can provide a massive advantage to this app category. As an agency, we usually recommend clients leverage them and their ability to paint a narrative and realistic but positive outcomes within the app. Given the nature of finance, fin-fluencers should be local to the market – this would include everything from the language and culture to the financial outcomes most desired in that market. Driving downloads with in-feed ads alone can be difficult, and having an app evangelist will better paint a picture of the unique selling points.

How Nativex Can Help

Nativex has helped boost user acquisition across several app verticals, from game developers like Kabam to eCommerce brands such as YOURS. Nativex also has the expertise needed for apps to reach more diverse audiences, where growth opportunities are still emerging, and users are highly willing to download.

Nativex is an Official TikTok Marketing Partner for creative solutions and campaign management. Nativex also recently announced its partnership with Kwai for Business, becoming one of the first global marketing partners.

Learn more about TikTok on our dedicated solutions page or contact us.

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