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Discover How Mistine Increased their ROI by 62% on TikTok Shop with Nativex

Thailand is the hub for social commerce, where up to 90% of buyers have participated in some sort of purchase via social media. Among the rising stars is TikTok Shop, a platform for social commerce that presents exciting opportunities for e-commerce brands seeking to expand their presence and grow their market share.

Mistine, a renowned Thai beauty brand, quickly recognized the potential for growth in TikTok Shop. It had already established its brand on TikTok Shop through well-executed campaigns. But, despite their aspirations, Mistine faced initial challenges in this new venture. Thailand’s beauty industry is characterized by rapid product revisions and limited customer attention spans, which makes it challenging for brands to maintain their competitiveness.

Nativex was able to help overcome these hurdles, with a campaign that aimed to establish a strong online presence for Mistine, helping to continue its journey of growth and success.

Our Strategies Unlocked Mistine’s Success

Targeting with Precision to Meet Local Demand

In Thailand, there is a significant demand for sunscreen. Nativex’s media buying team initially tailored advertisements to engage female audiences interested in fashion accessories, outdoor pursuits, and beauty products, tapping into skincare demand.

In parallel, there has been a growing interest in skincare among male TikTok users. These customers are increasingly turning to online retailers, like TikTok Shop, due to social pressures that discourage offline purchases. Recognizing this trend, Nativex expanded its targeted advertising to encompass specific male audience groups, leading to exceptional conversion rates, and capturing this emerging market segment.

Amplifying Product Appeal with Tailored Ad Creatives

Customers prioritize skincare effectiveness and product ingredients over brand recognition. Recognizing this trend, Nativex devised a comprehensive marketing strategy for Mistine, emphasizing the “professional aspect” of their sunscreen products. Through detailed product reviews that showcased the product’s technology in ad creatives, the campaign successfully grabbed the attention of target customers.

Harnessing the Power of Influencers

The true measure of a sunscreen product lies in the fairness and overall condition of the skin after use. Leveraging this insight, Nativex partnered with popular Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs/KOCs) to make review-based creatives. These influencers demonstrated the complete usage process and provided professional feedback to educate audiences.

The Nativex team recommended using ultraviolet (UV) light during demonstrations to visually showcase the sunscreen’s effects, elevating the viewing experience and establishing a professional brand image.

Source: Mistine TikTok Campaign

Through this campaign, Mistine harnessed the power of influencers, effectively showcasing its product features which set them apart from the competition and led to significant growth.

Why Nativex?

As an early partner of TikTok’s influencer marketing program, Nativex possesses extensive global influencer marketing knowledge. With a diverse team of influencer marketers worldwide, Nativex specializes in crafting tailored marketing strategies to align with unique local market characteristics. By directly partnering with local influencers, Nativex ensures the creation of high-quality creatives, enabling brands like Mistine to swiftly build a positive reputation and drive conversions.

For Mistine’s sunscreen creams, Nativex utilized the impact of KOLs and KOCs, igniting engaging conversations and encouraging active user participation. Consequently, Nativex generated buzz and rapidly amplified the exposure of trending topics.

The Head of Mistine’s Online Operations in Thailand stated, “Making the right strategy is crucial for our TikTok debut. Nativex provided us with professional services and impressive results from initial research to ongoing advertising campaigns. It helped our sunscreen product become blockbuster products on TikTok.”

Based on its expertise in the TikTok Shop ecosystem, Nativex utilized a winning combination of precise audience targeting, tailored creatives, and professional optimization. It unlocked the full potential of TikTok traffic, enabling Mistine to achieve a 62% ROI growth with its products.

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