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Boost App Growth Through Creatives and New Influencer Audiences

App Growth Summit Berlin

Nativex recently sponsored App Growth Summit Berlin – our first sponsored in-person event of 2022. It was fantastic to see the European mobile app community come together for a day of expert insights and workshops. Our very own Yolanda Huang, BD Director of EMEA took to the Expert’s Corner to discuss the power of KOL marketing in Asia along with creative insights from some of our top-performing campaigns. 

Influencer or KOL marketing has proven to be an effective way for brands and performance advertisers to reach their audiences quicker and easier than ever. Many advertisers still look at this approach as something that only works to boost brand awareness and product purchases. In fact, our experience in this area has shown that running KOL campaigns in parallel with performance marketing campaigns will significantly increase performance ROI.

​​Why do mobile apps need KOL marketing? Cost-effective, High ROI

KOL marketing provides advertisers with the opportunity to crowd-source creativity and focuses on video content that resonates with social users. Social users are in a prime position to become brand advocates, particularly when KOL marketers are able to promote to a niche audience and community. 

So what’s needed to succeed in KOL marketing? 

  1. A KOL asset library with a complete tag system
  2. Data monitoring that spans each KOL marketing touchpoint
  3. The ability to incorporate industry/pop-culture trends into creative content
  4. The ability to govern every aspect of the project from timeline to budget

Creatives matter 

User engagement is heavily reliant on creative strategy which is why it is so important to understand the KOLs you work with and the platform they excel on. Trending content is one example of how you can hack into user engagement, especially on platforms such as TikTok that put an emphasis on #hashtagchallenges & user-generated content (UGC).

Beyond this, creative iteration will also play a crucial role in ensuring your campaign continues to stay engaging and top of mind for users. All campaigns should house a comprehensive KOL asset library including multiple sets of stickers, background music, dialogues, and visuals. 

As a certified agency for China’s top media platforms, we will set up your official social media accounts, provide constant updates, manage your fan base, and run social media campaigns to maximize reach and engagement. From channel set-up to execution, we will run your live streaming channels and provide traffic solutions via in-feed ads and branding ad buying using premium creative services from the TopWorks Creative Studio. Thanks to our partnerships with over 40,000 KOLs and 200 MCNs, our end-to-end KOL management solution offers high-quality KOL recommendations, as well as briefs, promotion execution, data monitoring & analysis, and performance optimization services.

How Nativex can take your influencer campaigns to the next level

Understanding and navigating the influencer market across regions and verticals is a significant challenge for most brands and advertisers. This is why our influencer marketing solutions can help our partners save time and resources, while at the same time maximizing their campaign ROI around the world.

With a strong influencer marketing team working across 10+ verticals including gaming, e-commerce, beauty, and more, Nativex has the skills and resources to run high-quality influencer campaigns tailored to your needs.

Our one-stop solutions are data-driven and results-oriented. Whether you’re looking for short, mid, or long-term goals, we believe we can take your campaigns to the next level, so contact the Nativex team today and you can be the next success story.

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