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4 Ways to Improve and Implement Your Game Creatives on TikTok [Case Study]

Getting the creatives right can make or break your campaigns, especially on a platform like TikTok where visuals are incredibly important. One common challenge for gaming advertisers looking to launch or scale their campaigns on TikTok is getting the best-performing creatives.

To understand what kind of creatives drive the best results, we did two things: 1)we analyzed some creatives produced by our TopWorks Creative Studio for a partner who wanted to grow on TikTok, and 2)we looked at some recent TikTok data that analyzed gaming-related video ads that were run on its platform.

The 4 ways you can boost your CTR and CVR

When measuring success, advertisers will be looking at two metrics in particular: click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate (CVR) – their success is basically the campaign’s success. We have 4 tips on how you can get better ROI from your creatives, so whether you’re looking to increase your CTR or CVR, we’ll show you what has a higher chance of working and how you can make that happen.

1. Focus on an element of your game

We’ve seen this before and recent data shows that high-performing ads tend to focus on a single core element of the game they’re promoting. According to TikTok data, focusing on one game element resulted in almost 50% higher CTR. Bottom line: don’t try to highlight all of your game’s features in one go, just pick one main element (characters, skills, story, multiplayer, etc.) and let that tell your story.

easily understood game content-Increasing the CTR, Nativex

2. Have elements designed to induce clicks

Encouraging users to click or otherwise engage with the ad is a great way to improve your CTR. TikTok data says that including click-inducing elements can almost double CTR compared to ads that simply promote the game. 

So what’s a click-inducing element? We’re not talking clickbait here, we’re talking about playable ads. Ads that give users a taste of what the game looks like are seeing better CTR – think of it as a sort of ‘try before you buy’ approach. Playable ads are known for strong engagement rates, plus they tend to acquire higher-quality users, so it’s definitely investing in this format.

add click-inducing tap play-Increasing the CTR, Nativex

3. Stay relevant and be #trending

We’re not saying your ads have to be about any recent political or economic events. Instead, try to focus on things like collaborations with live streamers or influencers to showcase your game, maybe run some hashtag challenges, do some giveaways, be part of some events, and so on. By partnering with trending influencers or running some hot challenges or competitions you ensure your game stays in everyone’s mind.

collaborations effectively boost CVR-to increase CVR, Nativex

4. Make your creatives immersive

Immersion is key when it comes to engaging ad creatives. There are two ways to provide good immersion: 1)your ad tells a good story, and 2)the ad format matches the platform it’s on (TikTok in this case) seamlessly.

When it comes to formats, TikTok data shows that vertical video ads tend to have over 30% better conversion rates compared to horizontal or even square formats. At the same time, these formats seem to also boost CTR and ad view completion rates, making them a great choice to run on TikTok.

How to implement these creative tips on TikTok

To show you how these tips can be translated into campaign success, we’ve looked at a recent case study from our TopWorks Creative Studio. The TopWorks team worked with a mobile card game to acquire and convert Saudi Arabian users, so let’s take some of these tips and see how they used them.

  • Focus on a key element. The team decided to focus on a key aspect of the game – the multiplayer feature; this makes the game much more fun and it was used as the main element of the video ad, resulting in a higher CTR.
  • Immersion. TopWorks used vertical video as the main format for this campaign. At the same time, the team hired local actors with a deep understanding of the culture, along with voice actors who spoke the specific dialect to match the target audience (there are over 30 different Arabic dialects)

topworks showcasing 1, Nativex

Using local actors (left) and promoting the multiplayer features (right), to create engaging and successful TikTok ads

topworks showcasing, Nativex

Want to achieve success on TikTok?

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