Nativex is a leading digital marketing platform committed to helping brands and apps achieve cross-regional growth. With a specialized focus on media buying, influencer marketing, and creative customization, we provide innovative solutions to expand our clients' reach across global markets.


As a global digital marketing platform, we deeply understand user preferences and provide access to various global top media platforms and channels to help you reach your target audience. Nativex improves the efficiency of your business’ overseas media buying experience, ad creative management, and boosts your growth beyond borders.

Scale your business and drive growth through a one-stop advertising solution

Global Media Strategy

  • Partnerships with the top media platforms, including TikTok For Business, Kwai for Business, Meta, and Google.

  • Covers various traffic sources from programmatic ads to app stores.

Global Ad Creatives

TopWorks Creative Studios is a global creative network that empowers advertisers with localized creatives such as UE4, live-action, TVC, and more.

DSP Solution

Full coverage on app-based, web-based, and other resources, processing over 5 billion advertising requests per day.

Global Influencer Marketing

Backed by a global network of KOLs and media platforms, we can help you reach and convert your target audience with ease.