Want to Maximize Revenue on Android? Then Optimize Gameplay.

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Kevin Ford

November 24th, 2012

Earlier this year, Android users in test markets throughout North America were introduced to a new dragonsimulation game that allows them to raise pet dragons. Similar to the developer’s other titles, this game was designed to monetize with the freemium model, however, before going live globally they were seeking a new monetization partner – as other partners had not delivered on their expectations. They needed a monetization partner with an expertise in games, that was not only capable of boosting revenue but also preserving the user experience of the game.

The indie game developer had met some of the guys from NativeX during GDC but had never collaborated with them for monetization or freemium optimization. After a discussion on freemium game mechanics, the developer was blown away by NativeX’s knowledge and passion for mobile gaming. Within hours, his dragon game was being fully reviewed for optimization opportunities by NativeX’s Games Task Force. Some of the key opportunities identified by NativeX included; adding certain virtual goods that would increase retention and intelligent offer placement to maximize conversions. As experts with experience reviewing hundreds of freemium games, NativeX’s producers know what works and they back up their suggestions with data. Additionally, NativeX gave the developer $50,000 to jump start promotion for his new game.


Shortly after, the game launched worldwide on Google Play with the NativeX’s Platform and their suggested optimizations in place. Within two weeks, the game was showing very healthy monetization and retention figures. In fact, at the end of the first month ARPDAU consistently hovered around 9¢. ARPDAU from in-app purchases reached as high as 11.2¢ and ARPU was up to $0.80. Retention figures were equally impressive, with 38.64% of users returning on Day 1, 24.89% on Day 3, and 18.13% on Day 7, all considered very healthy for top games – and this one was new. For added perspective, the fifth most popular Android app in that same month had retention rates of 27% on Day 1 and 11% on Day 7. The developer was so impressed with NativeX’s collaborative approach that he committed his next Android title to their monetization platform.


Kevin Ford

Marketing Manager


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