The NativeX Solution to Apple’s New Policy Enforcement

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Kevin Ford

September 22nd, 2015

A personal note from Rob Weber, co-founder and SVP of business development at NativeX

Recent reports (TechCrunch: Apple Begins Rejecting Apps that Offer Rewards for Video Views, Social Sharing) have provoked a flurry of heated online discussions and speculation among the iOS developer community, with many concerned that they might be penalized for including certain types of ads in their apps.

What should developers do now? NativeX can help with a simple approach to running a truly holistic game monetization system.

Successful mobile game monetization must enable developers to adapt to the new app economy. It must meet the needs of not only different types of games, but also, different platforms and app store requirements. NativeX’s server-side technology and rich media ads give developers the tools to make near-instant updates to their ad units without having to resubmit their app.

That means developers only need to integrate one SDK to set up various placements in their app where ad units will appear, and then will have full flexibility to make changes from the server when needed.

For example, a developer could switch from video to interstitial or multi-offer by logging into the NativeX Dashboard without requiring an app resubmission or additional SDK work.  They could also change from rewarded to non-rewarded ads, experiment with A/B testing between formats, or even try newly released ad formats in this same manner.

Do you want to avoid rejection from the App Store? Install NativeX’s SDK and set it up to use ad formats and offers that comply with the strictest interpretation of Apple’s policies.  After your app is approved and in the App Store, and more information about Apple enforcement becomes available, you can use the NativeX Dashboard to change or adjust your monetization options and ad formats accordingly.

NativeX is an effective solution to Apple’s evolving App Store policies: a powerful and flexible platform to easily update your monetization solution as you get more information about what is and isn’t allowed. (And of course, developers who also have Android apps can take advantage of the full range of other high paying rewarded formats that NativeX offers.) We’re a company by developers for developers, which means we’re focused on helping you make as much money from your apps as possible — now, and in whatever future app store policies might bring.

If you have any questions regarding Apple’s policies, please feel free to email me directly.


Rob Weber

Kevin Ford

Marketing Manager


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