Strategy Gamers are Leading the Way in iOS 8 Adoption

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Kevin Ford

September 22nd, 2015

Now that iOS 8 has been available for 48 hours, our team of data scientists have started to analyze the trends in iOS adoption. At NativeX, our focus is to provide ad solutions for games so we decided to check out iOS 8 from a players’ perspective. Are gamers excited to check out some of the new features and can the titles people play tell us if they are likely to be early adopters? Interestingly, our team found a definitive trend amongst core and casual games.

Overall, we’ve seen 14.5% of gamers across our network adopt iOS 8 which is only half the adoption rate we saw last year in the same timeframe. Digging in, we found that within the first few hours of release, all game categories had pretty much the same amount of people installing but after 10 hours, the more core categories started to take off.

Strategy, Simulation and Action gamers were the quickest to pick up Apple’s newest Mobile OS. Strategy gamers lead the way two years in a row with 17.6% adoption of iOS 8 in the first 48 hours of availability.


The more casual categories like casino, card and word games have been the slowest to adopt with less than 11% of players using iOS 8 in the first 48 hours.


We’re looking forward to seeing if this trend continues with the actual hardware: will strategy players continue to dominate and be the first to get an iPhone 6? Are mobile gamers who enjoy some of the more graphically intensive and gorgeous looking racing titles getting excited for the iPhone 6 Plus? We will be sharing information in the coming weeks and in the meantime, we’re excited to get our hands on Apple’s newest device!

Kevin Ford

Marketing Manager


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