Singular Awards NativeX and Mobvista as “Top 20 Best Performing Ad Networks of 2016”

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Steven Stewart

February 13th, 2017

Which Ad Networks Bring Greatest Return of Investment?
Browse through any mobile ad network’s website and you’ll quickly notice that everyone claims to have the best performing results. Seeking truth to these claims, Singular curated The Singular ROI Index as a means to showcase their analysis of over 1,000 mobile ad networks and 1,500+ apps.  The goal of the report is to better inform marketers and consequently aid them making smarter decisions about mobile ad spending.

In 2016, both NativeX and our parent company Mobvista were recognized as part of the top 20 best performing mobile ad networks. Singular also mentions NativeX and Mobvista as two of five rising stars of 2016 and predicts strong growth for our mobile ad budgets.  As the demand for mobile advertising continues to increase in mobile games, we’re excited to be a part of this list! You can download the study here.

In the first half of the year, AdWords was the top performing network for Android. During the second half of the year, Facebook over took AdWords for the top spot on Android and beat out AdWords for total ad spend in 2016.

In an interview with VentureBeat, Susan Kuo, Chief Operating Officer at Singular explained,  “More than 18 ad channels outperformed AdWords on iOS in 2016, while AdWords attracted the third-biggest ad spend on iOS.”

Final Words
According to Singular, this type of report is the first of its kind. “While previous research has measured ad network performance using metrics like user retention and revenue per install, it neglected a major part of the picture, the cost associated with driving engagement.”

We look forward to more insights from Singular in the future.



Steven Stewart


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