Reactions to the iPhone 5S and 5C

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Kevin Ford

September 11th, 2013

With all the leaks leading up to Apple’s iPhone event this week, nothing really came as a surprise when the iPhones were unveiled. As expected, two new phones were released, including the iPhone 5S, which is available in gold, and the iPhone 5C, a “budget” device which is similar to last year’s iPhone 5 but comes in bright colors. Other additions include a finger print scanner, A7 chip, and iWork & iLife will be included with new devices. We also learned iOS 7 will be available on September 18th.

Although consumer reactions to the iPhone 5S and 5C were mixed (Denny’s even posted this on Twitter), game developers have several reasons to be giddy so we asked the Games Task Force to weigh in.

The NativeX Games Task Force provides highly specialized one-on-one consultation to NativeX partners, helping them increase the engagement, retention, and monetization of their F2P games.

What were your reactions to the iPhone 5S and 5C announcement?

Nate Dykstra

Game and Monetization Consultant, NativeX Games Task Force
I think the biggest news yesterday is the upcoming launch of the iPhone 5C. Apparently the “c” stands for “color”, but some people speculated the device was perhaps meant as an economically conscious device that would target the Chinese market. I’m sure that is one of Apple’s main goals with this device and while I assume it will help them somewhat move the needle in the East, I don’t think the price points on the 5C are where they need to be in order to rival Android. Frankly, even the cheapest model at $99 cannot compete with the lower prices and openness of Android the Chinese seem to love.

With regards to the new iPhone 5S, these are the sorts of yearly upgrades we’ve come to expect from Apple and the iPhone. The new A7 chip supporting 64 bit and 56x graphical improvements will continue to bring mobile games up the quality levels of console, which game developers and gamers alike will both appreciate. While it sounds like there will be some necessary development work to get the games up to the 64 bit level to fully support the 5S, it will be a welcomed change for most developers to bring up the quality of their games to the quality level gamers are going to demand.

One very interesting item to me is the introduction of Touch ID. Not how Touch ID will replace the passcode to unlock devices, but more so how Touch ID will also be used to authenticate purchases on the App Store which could significantly help increase game and app monetization. I see this lowering the barrier for IAPs to some extent. I assume I’m not alone, but there have been times where I intended to make an IAP, but after typing in my password incorrectly and being prompted to re-enter it I changed my mind and did not end up monetizing at that particular moment after all.


Ben Sipe

Game and Monetization Consultant, NativeX Games Task Force
Well it certainly wasn’t all that impressive since almost everything was leaked before the event, but leaking information before the event doesn’t make me want the 5S any less. It looked great! I’m excited about the new processor, graphical capabilities and fingerprint scanner. Combine these features with an actual controller and it’ll be a gaming platform for serious gamers. I wasn’t impressed with the 5C. I feel like $100 less isn’t enough to make it a hot selling device. Consumers in high end markets will still get the more expensive models and in lower markets Android is still cheaper. This is like the awkward middle ground that just won’t sell.


Chris Harris

Game and Monetization Consultant, NativeX Games Task Force
As a long time Android user I have often not been blurred by Apple’s showmanship with new phones. However, the new 5S’ specs and features finally got me to go baahaa. The fingerprint scanner on the home button was a fantastic addition. I really hate having to enter a 4 digit pin each time I log on or even having to always enter a password when I buy an app or IAP. If the fingerprint scanner can solve that I am on board. The addition of the A7 chip with 64 bit architecture and the M7 co-processor chip makes me drool a little bit (even though I know apps will take a while to fully utilize it).

This has certainly added a slightly higher bar for Samsung and the S5 which is likely coming spring of next year. This is the iPhone whose new features might have intrigued me enough to switch. For those wondering, I am purposefully not covering the 5C as it is IMO not geared towards the US market and really not that big of a price break.



Trevor McCalmont

Games Analyst, NativeX Games Task Force
Apple has done two smart things with this announcement. Having a cheaper phone helps them break into emerging markets. There are reports that Android marketshare may be declining in the United States and with the 5C, Apple is making a play to get more devices in Asia and other Top Grossing mobile game markets.
The second thing to come out of the Apple announcement is Touch ID. Apple is already ahead of Android in terms of user trust and security, and they are taking another step forward. Not only that, but they have made the purchase process even easier. Credit card information will be stored on even more phones, and with a quick fingerprint scan users can download apps and make purchases. It’s a great idea that puts Apple farther ahead of Android for the time being.

What are your thoughts?

Let us know your reactions to the iPhone 5S and 5C in the comments below, or send us a Tweet.

Kevin Ford

Marketing Manager


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