Pocket Gems Partners with NativeX to Manage Offers For All of Their Android Games

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Kevin Ford

June 14th, 2012

Minneapolis, Minnesota, June 14, 2012–NativeX, formerly W3i (www.nativeX.com), a leader in monetization and user acquisition services for freemium apps, announces a partnership with Pocket Gems, a leader and pioneer in free-to-play mobile games, to be the exclusive monetization solution for its Android™ apps including its new release, Tap Dragon Park.

Pockets Gems has integrated the NativeX Monetization Platform into each of its Android apps to provide the best deals for their players , including use of NativeX’s  recently released offer exchange feature.  This new exchange  feature enables offers from multiple offer providers  to compete in real-time for ad inventory increasing the effective yield wherever offers are viewed.  With one simple SDK developers can combine multiple offer types—app installs, app action, video and CPA and save time by not needing to negotiate with individual networks from around the globe.  NativeX also provides a collaborative team to optimize return on investment using actionable metrics and testing.

“We are really excited to be working with Pocket Gems, a true leader in mobile game development.  Our partnership allows us to expand our network of Android games  for increased user acquisition opportunities.” remarks Andy Johnson, CEO of NativeX.

“We are excited about partnering with NativeX and look forward to using the NativeX Monetization Platform.  NativeX’s new feature allows us to work with multiple offer providers to provide the best deals for our players.” comments Ben Liu, COO of Pocket Gems, Developer of Tap Dragon Park, Tap Pet Hotel, Tap Zoo,  and Tap Paradise Cove.

About NativeX: NativeX is a leader in monetization and user acquisition services for mobile and desktop apps. Utilize an experienced team of app-savvy marketers with deep technical know-how and many years of industry experience to grow your app business. We are ready to collaborate with app developers to execute programs that quickly deliver revenue and quality users. To learn more, visit www.nativeX.com with offices in Minneapolis, San Francisco and Sartell, MN.

Kevin Ford

Marketing Manager


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