Now Game Developers Can Minimize Freemium Game Development Costs with NativeX’s Games Platform – Free During Beta Period

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Kevin Ford

May 15th, 2012

Minneapolis, Minnesota, May 15, 2012–NativeX, formerly W3i (, a leader in monetization and user acquisition solutions for freemium apps, continues to innovate in the app space by announcing availability of its Games Platform beta to iOS™ and Android™ developers. The Games Platform provides solutions to some key challenges game developers face when embarking in freemium game development.  The Games Platform private beta is free to qualified freemium game developers until May 31, 2012.

Interviews with a number of game developers revealed common challenges with freemium game development including: server set-up, maintenance and security, the development of an inventory management system and storefront, and actionable analytics.

Server Requirements

Game developers come in all sizes–from independent hobbyists to burgeoning development shops. For small-shop developers, funds and resources are scarce. Most would prefer to focus on developing a highly interactive, quality game rather than worry about hardware and software procurement needed to support the infrastructure required for their game. However monotonous it might be, most recognize that server setup, maintenance and security should not be taken lightly. Developers know they need a system that provides solid uptime and strong security.  The NativeX Games Platform provides this system.

Storefront Development

Another time sapper, when it comes to freemium game development, is creation of a storefront. Developers get more excited about what to place into inventory and more importantly, interaction of the goods with gameplay than they do with managing the inventory including adding/removing items, editing items, and adjusting prices. Another detail that eats up valuable development time is creating a system that is easily re-usable across many games. The NativeX Games Platform provides a virtual inventory storefront with an easy-to-use web interface to manage inventory without having to submit game updates to Apple or Google.

Game Analytics

One of the last things on Developer’s minds (especially new developers) is analytics. The importance and value of strong data to help make inventory optimization decisions is often overlooked yet is highly critical. When starting freemium game development, Developers need to get important information (e.g. DAU, MAU, retention, etc.) about their games. With the NativeX Games Platform the freemium game developer gets the analytics needed to optimize their game revenue.

What’s The Solution?

“NativeX’s Games Platform provides the vital system capabilities that freemium developers need to build successful games.  Unfortunately, most are bearing the full expense themselves and for such systems tend to lack the most essential capabilities for building and managing their game effectively” comments Ryan Weber, Co-Founder at NativeX. NativeX is looking for game developers that are interested in participating in the beta program. In exchange for feedback on the system, beta participants receive the service at no charge. To request access, visit and complete the form. NativeX offers freemium game developers a one-stop solution to their inventory, game management and analytics needs. The FREE beta for the NativeX Games Platform will end on May 31, 2012.

About NativeX: NativeX is a leader in monetization and user acquisition solutions for mobile and desktop apps. Utilize an experienced team of app-savvy marketers with deep technical know-how and many years of industry experience to grow your app business. We are ready to collaborate with app developers to execute programs that quickly deliver revenue and quality users. To learn more, visit with offices in Minneapolis, San Francisco and Sartell, MN.

Kevin Ford

Marketing Manager


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