NFL Scouting Report: Scout Telenav

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Kevin Ford

September 22nd, 2015

Super Bowl Sunday is only two days away, and with the Seattle Seahawks playing the Denver Broncos, I’m rooting for the Hawks all the way. I have gone to the same party hosted by my friend for the past 3 years now. As is the case with any great football party, there will be some tasty food: chips, dip, good drinks, chili, and my responsibility: the wings.  Now, I can make some great wings, but everybody in my neck of the woods prefers Wing Stop. Yep, that’s right Wing Stop. And that’s where one of the best utility apps I have used comes in: Scout by Telenav. Together, Scout and I will avoid all traffic, snag a few buckets of sizzling wings, and be back well in time to see the opening kick-off.

Scout by Telenav is a GPS based utility app. It has a clean, interactive dashboard that shows things like the weather in my area, a map, and a comprehensive search menu. I have used it a variety of times during my lunch hour to make it more of my lunch/ “explore and discover” hour. I know how much I will be expected to spend at the new tasty, Chinese place a few blocks over. It’s completely packed with information. Furthermore, when I was in a jam to quickly find a Peet’s coffee to welcome my friends from out of town (Peet’s coffee is their favorite coffee house), it was no problem at all for Scout. Whiz, bang, touch, touch, and there it was before my eyes. I don’t enjoy spending more money than I need to on gas. With Scout’s gas price locator feature, I know what the price is at each pump that I’m near. There is no other way to travel. Way to go Scout!

With regards to the Super Bowl this weekend, there is a very high probability that I am going to procrastinate on ordering and picking up the wings. I shouldn’t procrastinate, and I’m very much aware of this, but I am probably going to anyway.  However, I’m at ease. Why? When I’m rushing around driving 15 miles south to Milpitas to grab my buckets of wings, Scout will be there, like it always is, to help me out. The Scout driving interface will give me three different prospective routes to take to Wing Gem, whoops, I mean Wing Stop. It will also fill me in on the traffic conditions for each of the routes. It will then select for me my best option based on travel time, road safety, and other conditions. I remember when I used to have to guess at which route would be the fastest. Now, it is done for me automatically. Some other cool options included in the driving feature of the app include indications of speed traps in the area, accidents nearby, fires or other natural slow-downs. Simply put, it’s pretty rockin’. Once I get to Wing Stop, I will share my location through Scout on Facebook and Twitter to encourage others to engage in some wing madness.

In today’s busy world where I don’t have time to worry about all the details of travel, Scout is my go-to source. I don’t have to guess or make travel plans with a little bit of doubt in my head. I have concrete facts, figures, and details to figure out how much money I need to bring to the new lunch spot, what to order before I even get to my new lunch spot, and how much time I need to allot to embark on my quest for my Superbowl ring…err I meant Superbowl Wings! Scout is available on both iOS and Android, so if you haven’t used it yet, and there will be a good opportunity during the Super Bowl, check it out.

In closing, I was tuned into the media day for players prior to the Superbowl. Believe it or not, Richard Sherman, defensive player for the Seattle Seahawks, actually mentioned Scout.  When asked by a reporter about traveling to the stadium, Sherman responded with: “The Stadium in the Meadowlands is hard to find sometimes. Why would I ever test out an inferior app to help me get here when there is Scout. You try to play me, or you try to take me down the wrong street, you are going to get played (in reference to other less versatile competitors of Scout). Come at me like that again, I will always choose Scout. Period.”

Kevin Ford

Marketing Manager


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