New iOS 8 Adoption Data and a First Look at iPhone 6 Saturation

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Kevin Ford

September 22nd, 2015

iOS 8 has now been available for a week and with iPhone 6 launch, our data science team wanted to share some additional findings from our network of gamers.

Last week, we noted that within the first 48 hours of launch, strategy players were the largest group to adopt Apple’s latest OS. After one week, we’ve seen these numbers even out with the majority of game sub-categories hosting about one fourth of their users on iOS 8. We saw the largest jump of new iOS 8 users amongst Card and Casino gamers who were originally amongst the slowest to adopt. These casual genres have seen an increase of 15% of their players using the latest OS bringing both categories to a total adoption percentage of 25% & 26% respectively.


From a country perspective, we’ve seen the greatest reception for iOS 8 in Russia with over one third of Apple mobile users on the latest OS within the first week of launch. Germany comes in a close second with 29% of players on iOS 8 while China has the lowest adoption of countries surveyed with only 14% of consumers on iOS 8.


As of today, the iPhone 6 has only been out for five days (or six days depending on country) but our team has already seen a spike in usage amongst players on our network. One interesting thing to note is that we’re still seeingalmost 10% of players accessing games from Apple’s legacy iPhone 1 and iPhone 3 globally.


 We’re still early into Apple’s launch of their latest devices but we’re curious to see how saturation progresses especially with 32% of consumers on our network playing on the last generation iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. Will the larger screen and updated processing power be enough to tempt mobile gamers using older devices or evenAndroid enthusiasts? We look forward to see what else we can find and will plan to share more information shortly.


Kevin Ford

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