NativeX Recognized as a Top 10 Ad Network By VentureBeat

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Kevin Ford

April 18th, 2014

“Despite native ads being only used by a very few developers, NativeX actually made the list for top 10 most effective monetization companies, coming in at number six. In other words, for those game developers who haven’t tried them yet, native ads could be a hidden gem.” -John Koetsier, VentureBeat

Flip through the websites of mobile ad networks and you’ll quickly notice a pattern, everyone claims to have the “best” solution for monetizing your mobile app (exhibit A, B, & C). Seeking truth to these claims, VentureBeat surveyed 176 developers with 1,100 games, 300 million downloads, and a combined total of $600 million in annual revenue. The result is a 47 page report that analyzes the effectiveness of 51 mobile monetization companies, whittling them down to the 10 most effective. For the full report go here.

The results are in…

We’re sincerely proud of every company that made VentureBeat’s list of “most effective monetization companies.” Each company has its own unique offering and this report creates transparency for app developers. Instead of losing time to fact checking exaggerated claims, developers can make educated decisions and choose the ad network that best suits the nature of their apps.

This year NativeX was recognized as the top rated native advertising platform for mobile apps, rising up the charts to number 6 overall after previously being unranked. Native advertising has only been adopted by 0.7% of mobile app developers so being recognized as one of the most effective platforms confirms that we’re building a solution that truly adds value. As demand continues to grow for native advertising in mobile games, we’re excited to open up our platform for more and more developers through our self-service platform.

Top 10 most effective monetization companies:

1. Google

2. Chartboost

3. AdColony

4. Flurry

5. Upsight

6. NativeX

7. Tapjoy

8. Vungle

9. iAd

10. SponsorPay

Any surprises?

While Google ranked at the top of the list for most effective mobile monetization companies, the author of the report, John Koetsier claims Google is actually the biggest loser. “The least successful app developers choose google… Google seems to be a default choice for small game developers who don’t have the time or resources to investigate and try other options.”

Unfortunately, the real losers of this situation are indie developers who earn less as a result. Hopefully, this report will make its way into the hands of app developers around the world. For example, Flappy Bird was making $50K/dayat its peak with banner ads; just imagine how much more it could have made if Nguyen had integrated a better monetization solution before it went viral…

Final words

Without giving away the meat and potatoes of VentureBeat’s report, it’s worth pointing out a few more highlights. The top mobile monetization model continues to be completely dominated by ads, followed by in-app purchases. The most annoying ad formats are banner ads, push notifications, and other intrusive formats that abuse the user’s trust. John Koetsier also points out that monetization is increasingly getting harder and harder, but overall mobile ad revenue is way up. At its current pace, ad revenue will quickly surpass freemium as the leading monetization model for mobile games.

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend that you purchase VentureBeat’s Mobile Monetization Report. As a game developer, your time is valuable and not ponying up for this one could cost you much more than $500 in development time. If you’ve already read the report and you’re ready to make the leap to native ads, let us know. You can get the conversation started here.

Kevin Ford

Marketing Manager


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