NativeX Launches New Video Ad Format

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Kevin Ford

September 22nd, 2015

Introducing a new Mini Multi-Offer ad format “Triad.”  Triad combines the latest mobile video ad technology with NativeX’s industry leading selection of native advertising formats to give users the choice of which ads to engage with.  Triad joins the NativeX Discovery Suite to give developers the right ad format to optimize strategic placements in their apps for a more native experience with higher impact.

NativeX CEO Robert Weber says, “Giving users the choice of which video ad to watch creates a more desirable and engaging ad experience.  Users feel more in control when they get to select the content they are most interested in, which results in a stronger organic audience for advertisers and a better user experience for publishers.”

With the new mini multi-offer ad format (Triad), NativeX continues to provide the leading native ad units for mobile games and apps.   This ad formats’ blend of the best design and usability from interstitial, multi-offer walls and video  gives publishers a beautiful new experience for their users. Higher conversion rates and long term value users are a natural result when users are given a choice of which ads to engage with.



Designed with maximum performance in mind, this ad format utilizes NativeX’s proprietary Lightning Play technology to instantly play video ads for optimal the user experience.  The ad format can be customized to play videos in either framed or full screen and for either incent or non-incent offers.

“One of the best use cases for this ad unit is an incentivized in-game placement where users earn rewards for watching a video ad,” says Chief Product Officer and NativeX co-founder Ryan Weber.

“The simple value exchange video ad (when the user is rewards with virtual currenty or in-game items for watching a video) continues to prove to be successful for freemium games and apps.  We believe that offering the element of choice is the natural evolution to provide a better user experience and in delivering an already engaged audience primed for LTV for advertisers.”

This new ad format also benefits from the same expertise of native monetization and science of predictive analytics that have made NativeX a leader in the mobile advertising space. When added to the rest of NativeX’s suite of products, the Mini Multi-Offer(Triad) gives publishers more control by allowing them to choose between multiple ad formats to compete for higher fill and eCPM.  In addition, NativeX ultizes an extensive network of partnerships of different demand side partners (DSP) to create the most competition for the ad inventory delivered to extract the most value from each ad impression.

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Kevin Ford

Marketing Manager


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