NativeX Launches New Ad Technology that Promises to Scale and Optimize Native Advertising for Mobile Games

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Kevin Ford

September 22nd, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO – October 28, 2013 — NativeX is today announcing the launch of its latest product, a new software development kit (SDK) for game developers that allows for rich media native ads within games. The new technology provides a framework to institutionalize and scale native ad format innovation, giving game developers easy access to a huge variety of interactive ad formats with just one new SDK.

The new release offers multiple ad formats, as well as server-side ad format creation in HTML5, all in one SDK. Through state-of-the-art technology, publishers gain new ad customization abilities and can iterate ad formats faster to improve performance. It allows advertisers to easily experiment with, compare and fine-tune creative formats and placements. In addition, the SDK uses proprietary advanced machine learning and big data science techniques to optimize ads based on contextual and behavioral data, improving performance for advertisers and revenue for publishers.

The new technology also solves the pervasive problem of SDK bloat. In the past, developers hoping to experiment with different ad formats – such as large interstitials and video – would need to install one SDK for each format. With this product release, developers have access to many innovative ad formats within one SDK, including new ones the moment they are released.

NativeX, which was formerly known as W3i, rebranded this year to highlight its focus on native advertising in mobile apps, acknowledging that the current standards in mobile advertising are underperforming and are thus unable to sustain a healthy app ecosystem.  Early data on native ads has proven that native consistently outperforms traditional ad formats in mobile games. “NativeX’s latest SDK allowed us to quickly optimize our creative on the fly without a painful SDK update and as a result we saw eCPMs increase by 110%.” said Johan Höglund, CEO of Raketspel.

“We know integrating ads into the user experience is more effective for the advertiser, more lucrative for the publisher, and more acceptable to the user,” said Andy Johnson, CEO of NativeX. “The biggest challenge now is how to scale our platform, and our new SDK is our first step toward delivering a truly scalable native ad solution to the market.”

NativeX has also started implementing cutting-edge data science to optimize its ad targeting technology with statistical machine learning. “NativeX is playing the role of a data science-based match maker between the advertiser and consumer, ensuring the consumer sees the right ad at the right time,” said Dr. James G Shanahan, VP of Data Science and Chief Data Scientist at NativeX.  “Native ads become part of the user experience of the game, and therefore it is more important than ever that ads are relevant. You need the right blend of art and science.”

About NativeX:

NativeX, formerly W3i, is creating the leading ad technology for games. For developers who want to monetize with advertising that really works, NativeX is the marketing technology platform that is reinventing in-app advertisingto create more effective and engaging ad experiences that enable developers to build successful businesses around their apps. Native advertising becomes part of the user experience and it out-performs standard display advertising, often doubling or tripling revenue for publisher partners. For more information, visit or Follow us on Twitter @nativex

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Ken Johnston

VSC for NativeX

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Kevin Ford

Marketing Manager


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