Maximize Freemium App Revenue With NativeX’s New Monetization Tool

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Kevin Ford

May 3rd, 2012

Minneapolis, Minnesota, May 3, 2012–NativeX, formerly (, a leader in monetization and useracquisition solutions for freemium apps, announces a new component of its Monetization Platform, compatible with iOS™ and Android™ games, that enables offers from multiple offer providers to compete in real-time for ad inventory increasing the effective yield wherever offers are viewed.

The offer exchange streams offers from multiple providers so that by using one compact Nativex SDK providers can be added or removed without requiring updates to the app.  Where most offer providers specialize in one type of offer, the NativeX Monetization Platform combines multiple types–app installs, app action, video and CPA–all competing for the inventory based on their effective yield.

“Through our freemium focus, NativeX developed a monetization solution that maximizes developers’ freemium revenue by providing superior optimization, powerful control and now the highest yielding offers by opening up the marketplace to leading networks.” comments Ryan Weber, SVP of Product Management and Co-Founder at NativeX. “Our addition of an ‘offer exchange’ is a unique service for game developers.”

Offer providers receive full access to  targeting attributes to unlock optimum value.  NativeX’s targeting can be done by country, OS, device type, connection type or platform.

Developers control the offers presented to their users.  Without updating their app, developers can restrict offers based on competitive conflicts and determine which offer providers to allow.  Developers have complete control to customize how and when users are presented offers to minimize the disruption of gameplay and optimize revenue generation.

Unique to the market, NativeX’s solutions are backed by a team of app marketing experts providing implementation, analytics and optimization support ensuring optimal results.

“We are excited about partnering with NativeX and look forward to increased revenue using the NativeX Monetization Platform.  NativeX’s new feature allows us to optimize multiple offer providers while maintaining control of our inventory.  It also minimizes the complexity of supporting those interested in marketing to our user-base.” comments Fernando Blanco, Director of Marketing, Spacetime Studios, developer and publisher of Star Legends:  The Blackstar Chronicles and Pocket Legends.

About NativeX: NativeX is a leader in monetization and user acquisition services for mobile and desktop apps. Utilize an experienced team of app-savvy marketers with deep technical know-how and many years of industry experience to grow your app business. We are ready to collaborate with app developers to execute programs that quickly deliver revenue and quality users.  Offices in Minneapolis, San Francisco and Sartell, MN.

Kevin Ford

Marketing Manager


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